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RE: Trying to build a new online business

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Very interesting video, @achim03 ! I didn't realize you were a faucet owner with a history!

Like you, I have a list that is all about how to earn satoshi and alt coins with faucets. I totally "get" that it seems a bit silly to be fiddling around with a few satoshis here and there, but on the other hand, it is a nice, risk free, way to introduce people to the world of crypto.

And yes, the thought you added in response to @ph1102 about "it's maybe an illusion to create something lasting for a long time" really resonates with me! The idea behind one of my blogs, and also behind my membership site, EliteDownlineBuilder, has been to recommend a core "Top 5" affiliate programs that have stood the test of time. The problem is, things change! LOL!

A business suggestion? As you know, I am training myself to work with crypto futures trading with my January "RookieTrader Stormgain challenge." I also want to train others to do the same using the Stormgain platform. Not only is there a lot of potential in futures if you can discipline yourself to learn how to trade, the affiliate program is also very nice.

So, my first suggestion is to join me in doing that!

And my second suggestion is to create some kind of futures trading site for the Hive blockchain tokens! How crazy would that be? Is it even possible?


Thanks a lot for your amazing comment! It's really difficult to find evergreen products or services nowadays. Things are changing quickly and I think a modern service has to be able to adapt to these changes and maybe make out of these changes a new type of business.

You have a great project with the future trading platform. About 15 years ago, I was working in a bank and trading was a big part of my work. I've realised that it is something that doesn't do me good in terms on health. I was in constant stress and didn't manage to ignore my emotions. I probably won't go there again but thanks a lot for your suggestion :-)


We are learning more and more about your past, @achim03 ! I certainly wouldn't want to trade other people's money on futures for a living either! I'm sure that would be very stressful.

I can assure you that it is ;-).

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