FREE Webinar: Social Media Marketing in a (Post) Covid World - PART 2

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A couple of days ago I uploaded part 1 of a free webinar on developments in the world of Social Media Marketing in a (Post) Covid World. This is part 2.

A special thanks to @the-bitcoin-dood, @ph1102, @traciyork and @chocolatescorpi for their support. And also to @flaxz for registering for the original session.

In this part I talk about:

  • The Age of Customer Attention
  • The Importance of Relatability
  • The current state of Customer Loyalty
  • Reaching Your Audience on different Social Media Platforms
  • Focusing on the customers
  • Resources for Social Media Marketing
  • The Social Media Dream Team
  • A Take Home Assignment

I hope you enjoy it and find value in it. Feel free to provide feedback and ask questions in the comments.


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Thanks for the mention!

And I have to pick up this for This Is Awesome content! Great webinar and more people should see this!

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Glad you like it. Yes, we can definitely implement some of it directly to Hive. In that regard, I should also.

In Surinamese we have a saying 'temreman oso no abi bangi'. It means, 'the carpenter does not have a bench' (It is easier to help others than helping yourself).

It means, 'the carpenter does not have a bench' (It is easier to help others than helping yourself).

hahahahah... That is funny that you say... I was always like that... Selling computers, and I didn't have a decent one... not that I didn't have money for it, but just, always helping others, and than, if there is a time, to myself.. :)

Yup. Tends to go like that 😅

thank you for telling me how to reach out to customers

Glad I could help @aiovo!

Don't know if you have seen part 1, but if you liked this one, feel free to check that one out as well.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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