The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Curate! Create! Engage!

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The journey...Is pretty amazing!

We are so lucky to be here at this time in history....

With the greatest opportunity I've ever seen online!

Share your passions with the CTP Community and they will reward you :)

Post a comment or question here, and I'll reward you...Twice :)

Details in this weeks video...

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This Road to 10K CTP Tokens is a great motivating series for everyone to get more involved, and "10 Dolphins in the CTP Swarm" looks that also works very well! Congrats to @achim03, and I hope that we will congratulate very soon to @pixiepost also!

Oh, yes... Don't tell secrets to Jon... This series will get a new name: "Secrets Revealed by Jon G"

Man it's so hard...I get so excited to talk about everything going on and then....I open my mouth and spill the beans LOL

I am excited!! I am getting closer by the day!! Dolphins are starting to sing so I want to swim on that side of the ocean ;)

Thanks a lot for the shout out! I'm still not at 10k but getting closer and closer 9'730 as of today... Hope by next week I'll be there :-)

Oh man, so close....It's coming soon for sure!

First of all, thank you for your support & kind words! I am super excited to get to that Dolphin status. Slow & steady wins the race but I admit, I am getting a little impatient ha ha. But I will get there, no doubt :) It's thanks to all of you awesome peeps that help motivate me continuously to reach that goal!

I am glad to see this series back & completely get how a move can just mess with your chi and your whole routine lol. But now you're back full force in time for the awesomeness Hive is dishing out!

I am REALLY intrigued by all this "top secret" stuff going on....hmmm.... do I need to sing to make ppl spill the beans? lmao 😂

Oh it was a gong show..But jumping back on the horse and showing up every day cures the laziness for sure lol

Yeah loads of top secret stuff...No one tells me anything anymore LOL

Great video man, and yeah tease, real thing coming in tonights video, with a big giveaway of course, also just used CTP tokens in Achims store, without Firepay, so check it out, and yeah you should have a Road To Dolphin video too, keep up your great work.

Killing me man, I hate surprises LOLOL

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store...

After watching the video I was checking out the CTP Token rich list and there are already 36 accounts over 10k, 3 accounts over 9k and several that will be at 10k very soon, that is awesome. I'm glad I got to see all of this happen from the very beginning to what this community is growing into. It's been a great journey so far and the future is looking really good.

So awesome man!

Yeah for sure...I think people are most definitely investing their time and energy here...Love to see it, and try our best to support everyone :)

Others are really noticing that we are a vibrant and information sharing community - 6 Dolphins is great - The day to day accumulation is definitely the way to go .

Content from this community is intuitive, informative and inspirational, this is gaining a bigger and better following

oh and congrats to Achim - and pre-congrats to Pixiepost :)

Long live the energy of the Swarm - we will fly far and wide collecting our tokens and spreading the love

I think there will be a big push in the next few months too...

We're just getting started!!

Thanks for all you do man!

This is so great. I love seeing the engagement and how you always come up with ways to motivate us. Really looking forward to seeing how this can help push people forward! Great job, Jon.

Thanks Janelle!

Yeah it's a fun little experiment... Been doing it for well over a year now thanks to the idea from @NathanMars

Anything to help people is a win!

Thank you jon , The road for 10k ctp token is not far 👌

Great to hear it man, keep pushing!!!

It is so good to see our community growing together and support each other!
Can't be grateful enough!
You might be changing the Road to 10k to something else soon with everyone surpassing 10K!
And yep we can't share secrets with you ahaha
Still way behind from Dolphinhood but kicking as much as I can!
While you want to gather Dolphins, I want to gather Master Jedis ;)
Both with the same goal:
Spreading the Force of the Fireball!
Watch out Darth Vaders out there, you cannot beat us!

ha ha ha ha Beware of the Darth Vaders!

Hey, they eventually turn back to the good side of the force right? lol

Some hopefully will if we work hard..but the reality unfortunately some will stay on the Dark side lol that is why we need to bring awareness of the real Force ;)

Thanks for all the details, Jon.
Still learning all the ins and outs... :)

Never stop learning :)

I'm 3 years into this blockchain and still havent figured it out LOL

Will be hitting 50% this milestone before next weekend. staked 4900++ now.

That is awesome!!!

So cool to see your account growth!!!

Great engagment here.Love it

Thanks, glad you are enjoying it!

Thanks for the mention.
I am now at 7600+ CTP so I've started the lonely ride across to 9K.
Earning over 400 CTP until now this week, hoping to maybe hit 500 CTP before the end of the week.
Joining @bradleyarrow's curation trail and having some Miners make me earn CTP 24/7 yes even when I sleep.

That's awesome man!

It really starts to 'fireball' the more you stack....Appreciate you and thanks for joining the Swarm man!

Thanks. I love to be a part of what you have going on here.

Awesome sauce 👍😎👌

Awesome content. I am also very close to having my 10k in CTP. And I slo tend to be a lazy bum at times. Like today I got up did all my basic checking on things then I when for like a 3 hour motorcycle ride. Now I am tring to get back on the horse and get my post and everything done. Just got to focus.

LOL Oh have no fear at all, I'm the king of lazy lol

One thing at a time...For me, I know if I have to do some new modules for CTP (or the secret project) I just need to get started...Once I 'start' I catch the momentum...

Just start and you'll get into the habit :)

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