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So we did a thing tonight....

And we'll make a nice fancy official post tomorrow.

But for now, we wanted to introduce the blockchain to...

It's our little contribution to the Hive and Hive Engine eco-system...And allows websites across the interwebs to accept not only Hive and HBD, but also Hive Engine tokens across the board!

That's right....

You can now add LEO to your websites and accept it as payments...

Wanna accept DEC on your sites....You got it!

Of course, CTP is there for you online business, affiliate marketer types too...

You name the token, as long as it's got trading volume on Hive Engine....You can accept it on your websites!

We hope you like it, check it out, join the Discord and let us know what you would like to see added :)

Hope you guys love it as much as we think people will!

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That's totally amazing. I've already tried it out and it works perfectly. This is an amazing add on for Hive and the HE tokens. Everybody can create their own use cases with very little coding.

Yessir, open it up to everyone!

That's the power of this blockchain :)

Hive just got a lot more valuable. Just in time to counteract that Hive bear movement we've been having. Good to know that in the future, when I have enough Hive to not just power up I can directly do things with it, without conversion hassle.
Good job so far guys!

Yup, no need to figure out what the exchange rates are for different coins and currency, Hive Pay does it all :)

Wow, you guys rock! It will certainly make integration, cooperation between projects and usage much easier!

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Crossing fingers :) So far so good!!

Nice to see that you guys have finished what you have promised when FirePay was released!
Good job!

We have a vision....3 different options to tackle everyone's need for buying and selling stuffs online :)

Great show Jon and Blain, and wow this is just amazing, just what Hive needs, and a massive increase in use case for the whole blockchain, just WOW, keep up the great work.

Thanks man, we hope everyone loves it!

That's another great addition to HIVE! Lately, it has been hard keeping up with so many great projects and initiatives coming out! Hopefully, this will rock!

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Thank you kindly :)

Yeah this blockchain is so vibrant and the development on it is truly remarkable!

What about taking .25% fee if someone has 10K CTP staked.

Tokenization is going to rock.

Yup, that is included...Just a little bit more than 10k, but the number is bang on :)

CTP Token just got sexier we think too lol

This is great for the future of Hive, Hive engine and all the alt coins on Hive. The whales of Hive need to get behind and support this project!! This should be a real game changer.

Hope they take notice and this can help bring big awareness for the power of this crypto. On top of that, all the tribes that have their own token, just got a big boost for actual use case immediately :)

Super exciting @jongolson great job my friend have a blessed day