My 1440 Interview with Rosyel Sawali

in The CTP Swarmlast month (edited)

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Yesterday for the first time I had the pleasure of speaking with Rosyel who lives in Manila in the Philippines and is known as @iamraincrystal on the blockchain. Until then we have been interacting by commenting on and curating each other's content. When we spoke it was her Saturday night and the start of her weekend and my Saturday was just getting started.

It was fun getting to know her and some personal things about her too like how she got her name and how to pronounce it.
Rosyel is building her online business while working at a job six days a week.
She balances her schedule and makes sure that she has set aside a few hours each night to devote to building her online business which includes creating the awesome content she publishes to our CTP and other communities.

Thank you again, Rosyel for taking the time to talk with me and share your entrepreneurial journey.

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I'm honored that you featured me here 😊😊 thank you Lisa! I had a great time during the interview 😉👍🏼

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So happy you enjoyed it! I did too! Thank you for the WINE tokens! Enjoy your day!😃

Thanks again, Rosyel! Have a wonderful day!

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