CTP Wheel of Engagement - 19 Sept 2021 - CLOSED for Entries

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G'Day Folks :)

Welcome to the CTP Talk Wheel of engagement

This is a Daily Prize Winning Opportunity where you can win CTP Tokens as well as HIVE

A new post will be created every day

The purpose of CTP Wheel of Engagement is to encourage people to engage by commenting and curating posts everyday.

The rewards are greater than the CTP Tokens and HIVE you will win.

Being consistent in engagement will improve your networking ability, writing ability and income earning potential

Please be creative with your comments and encourage others to engage

  • The Wheel of Engagement is a way you can earn free CTP Tokens and HIVE Every Day
  • All you have to do is up-vote this post and add a comment and your name will added to the Prize Wheel for Tomorrow
  • The prize wheel will get spun each day with the previous days contestants added and shown on the Video play below.
  • The winner will receive a percentage of the 'Author Reward' value of the previous days post at time of closing for entries, both CTP Tokens and HIVE
  • The more people that up-vote and comment the greater the prize pool

Thank you from all participants to all participants - It is up to you how much the prize pool is.

Now lets Engage with this post and make a comment about the topic below


What’s your favorite number? Why?


Todays Total Prize amount is 34 CTP Tokens and 5.4 Hive

And The Winner Is:

Congratulations to Today's Winner

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Remember to spread the word the more who participate the bigger the win

You can now claim CTP Badges by winning the wheel
The badges you can win are


To claim a Badge all you need to do is connect with me on Telegram and send me a message with your Click Track Profit Username and I will send you the claim badge link

Telegram Connect

The Badge needs to be claimed before the next days spin - Badges will not be awarded in retrospect

If you are not a member of Click Track Profit JUST CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Terms and Conditions

  1. CTP Talk 'Wheel of Engagement' is not run by CTP it is run by Russell Stockley
  2. All CTP Tokens and HIVE awarded as prizes will be transferred to the members account within 24 Hours
  3. The decision of the Wheel is Final, No discussion will be entered into
  4. Any abusive, trolling or aggressive comments, or abuse of the system, will suspend that member from being added to the wheel for the next day
  5. Each day the names on the wheel will change in accordance with the up-votes and comments on the post for the day's count
  6. To be eligible - You must up-vote this post and put in a comment on the subject in Lets Talk About. If you comment without up-voting you will not be entered, if you up-vote without comment you will not be entered.
  7. Anyone seen as abusing the nature of this prize wheel will get suspended from taking part.
  8. A percentage of the 'Author Reward' of the post is the prize pool for the next days spin
  9. Rules may change as the concept progresses


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congrats @jasonrcoleman

i have a few - 6 (letter F)/ 10 (day i was born)/ 26 (not sure :-))

My favorite and lucky number is 13, in many cultures it is unlucky, but for me it is a very lucky number.

@russellstockley! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @edgerik.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/10)

MY favorite number is 1
the reason is that is part of my the meaning of my name which "ONE OF A KIND" that's the meaning of Hariton

No favourite number for me.

13 most people think it is bad luck but I have always had good luck with the number.

You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Sometimes, it is three and somethings it is seven. Cause? Something religious :)
Oh, there is something else. 34 is almost my favourite one.

Congratulation to the winner. !ALIVE

I do not have a favourite number.
Congratulations to the winner

Congratulations Jason @jasonrcoleman for winning the spin today! My favorite number is 7 for many reasons but the simplest would be to say there are 7 days to the week and we are supposed to rest on the 7th day.

Thanks so much @kenwolff for the congrats I'm still learning and miss somethings here and there. But it's nice to have support from others.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

 2 months ago  

My favourite number is 3, it comes from my early years of studying Permaculture, one of the main points I took away from that learning, besides many, was that you should find 3 uses for everything, so if you are going to build something what are the 3 uses, if you are going to implement something what are the 3 uses. :)

Ruseel I'll take this as a top tip from you, as I am getting to grips with CTP talk and Hive etc.