The Horrors of Design

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I am only one opinion, but I do have quite a substantial knowledge in the psychology of design

I am seeing some shockers out there so I would like to just offer a quick snippet

Here is 12 Good Design rules to follow

1- Know the rules of Design

2- Communicate – don’t decorate – Make you message visually clear

3- Always show consistency throughout your promotional designs

4- Use a maximum of 2 typefaces in your design

5- Your typeface is a visual image – its is just as important as your logo or other images on your design

6- Choose your colour scheme on purpose

7- Less is more, don’t over complicate

8- Negative space is pure gold, use it don’t fill it

9- Remember that this is not about you – appeal to your audience, what you like my not be what they like

10- Always be decisive in your decision – do it on purpose

11- Symmetrical design is not cool, symmetry can be created through imbalance

12- Break the rules of Design with the informed knowledge of above

All I can really say is Keep it FRESH



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Well said Russell!