ListNerds and CTP and why you should be on it ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Having joined ListNerds, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. There are a lot of benefits to joining ListNerds and I would suggest you do so if you have not already.

If you are an active member of the Hive blockchain, then obviously you will be accustomed to writing blogs or posts showcasing either your work or writing or whatever that you care to share with the world.

Imagine not being able to know whether it is being read or not. It would be a heartbreak to let a 'genius' post go waste.

So, how to make sure your post/blog is read by hundreds of people?

Well, ListNerds is the answer.

ListNerds enables you to send a mail after you take an Enterprise membership to thousands of members who are on the mailing list. With one click. It cannot get easier than that.

I know it may seem confusing at first but it is worth learning all about it.

OK, after joining ListNerds, send a Solo Mail and get back staked Listnerds as a reward the next day because a Solo mail ensures rewards the next day itself. If you have taken an enterprise membership, you get to send two emails per day.

Your mail appears in the inbox of other Listnerds users and they are free to open your mail and read it. They can also upvote you and verify it. This your mail with your message gets read. If they choose to interact with your message, you can get instant results as well.

What I generally do is to send one post of mine as a mail and choose another hive user and promote his or her post or a community's post like Leo for example. Leo was also generous with their vote on my comment. So, interaction also means more ways to earn tokens based on Hive.

Recently, I had promised Neoxag to every person who commented on my post and there were many who took the time to comment and got rewarded without delay. This is also a way to promote Hive Engine tokens.

Now for CTP.

Many people might find CTP or click trade profit confusing at first but after reading @thisismylife post on how to integrate hive for receiving referral commission, I was able to do it easily. Please check out her post below
Receiving Listnerds Referral Commisions (Without An Uphold Account)

I also took some screenshots to help you understand it a little better.

The website


The commissions page

The referrals

After adding my hive username like this is my life instructed

I am yet to receive the commission but that is because it will take some time and I have only signed up recently. I hope the screenshots will help you and also read the post linked above. @thisismylife also writes posts about Listnerds and it will be really helpful.

If it is still confusing, please leave a comment below and I will try to answer accordingly.

ListNerds is not to be ignored if you are aiming for a larger audience. The choice is yours.

Images - screenshots and banners

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Thanks for the mention :)
Glad it was helpful!


Nice job sharing how ListNerds and CTP are working for you as a newer member. Everything does integrate very seamlessly. Glad you are enjoying the experience.

You're welcome, @sayee. Enjoy your weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€

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I haven't joined Listnerd but it seems I should as everyone is talking about it.
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Yes, you should.

Thank you for this :) Still learning my way there.

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Listnerds is one of the best ways to get your Hive content out to other users. It's just one way to stand out from the crowd.

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To have some visitors to our hive posts, sending mail with the link of those posts to the active #listnerds members is now a proven way. The top listnerds users are using this opportunity to promote their post. This part is known to me.

But, I didn't know the second part of this post. I didn't know that we can get the commission in listnerds instead of having a uphold account. Thanks for that information.


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Thanks and glad I could be of help

This is beautiful, stake well and be on the safe side by unstaking bits

Listnerds has been great in terms of introducing me to new users and helping them find my content. I have been here for quite a while and I can't say the interaction on my posts has ever been as high as it is now. It is pretty impressive. I found your post on Listnerds.

Thanks dear :)

This is an article I should save. Thank you for this... I would read more to learn. Thanks๐Ÿค—

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I am not sure if I would like 100's of e-mails coming to my mailbox??

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It appears in the listnerds inbox not the email. So, a listnerds user gets to open it and read if he/she wishes to and gets paid for it too.

Great Post!


Great content!



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This is a brilliant review Sayee. Listnerd sounds a worthy investment. Bravo๐Ÿ‘
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Good job with this sayee. It gives a good outlook on listnerds



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Queen brought me here Sayee hehe :D

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Excellent post, great help for newbies.

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ListNerds is growing very fast! Great to see you active in the community! :)

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Thanks for showing my post, You have a lot of good information in your post. Thanks for sharing.