A Wet, Windy, Smelly Woodland Walk

in Photography7 months ago (edited)

We've had heavy showers that make walking in the wood more interesting.

There was an abundance of fly agaric fungi. Trying to find the perfect fungi is difficult. When I do find some, I pick the twigs and grass off them, and then they break!

I don’t know if these are turkey tails or not. My 'mushroom identificator' throws up several options when I just want to know exactly what it is. It's getting deleted!

I must invest in some new walking boots .... people have started to ask "what's that smell"?

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


That's a lovely walk ☺️

Thank you. My feet are wet though. 🙂

That's really part of the walk 🤗🥰

Keep safe!

Wow! Lovely red candies! LoL