Last year's walk

For a long time I have been posting my photos here and blogging has become a kind of life diary. I often re-read my notes, review my photos.

I photograph my states, that is, everything that I feel at the moment, what mood I am, at what frequency I am - this is all reflected in the pictures.

Recently I wanted to plunge into one of the states of last fall, to connect to a certain frequency.

I found photos for this, but could not find a post with them.

It turns out that I have not published a whole series of pictures from last year's autumn walk.

Perhaps there was too much material then and I did not attach importance to these photographs.

I was just on the wave of graphics and wanted to publish as many posts with it as possible.

And these pictures, as it turned out, mean a lot to me.

It was a cloudy day and I chose the Riverside part of Vologda for a walk.

If you connect through pictures to that state, then it will not be the best in terms of mood.

There was then an acute shortage of money and, because of this, a depressed mood.

But if you miss moments from the material world, then the spiritual component was just at its best.

It was to her that I wanted to connect, which I did successfully.

If no one had been told that these photographs were taken exactly a year ago, no one would have understood.

But you can't fool yourself, and it's not good for others either...and it's still a kind of diary. So let this state from last year be here this year.

And besides, I already had time to experience similar sensations for some time.


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