Street photography in cloudy weather

in Photographylast month (edited)

A little time passed, and the consciousness was formatted strongly enough, so much so that I simply cannot photograph the street in cloudy weather. The physics in photography has ingrained itself into the brain so much that the plot is no longer important.


Of course, in cloudy weather I try to focus on shapes and lines, but without good light this is more difficult to do.

I just need to learn to see spots with shapes and in cloudy weather, then I can not depend on the weather.

In general, I once accepted only such weather.

I feel like I'm just jumping from frequency to frequency when I change genre preferences.

But there are more global frequencies, when the principle of shooting is replaced, regardless of the genre.

But you can combine it!

Some photographers combine plot and geometry, but it's just insanely difficult.

The plot is forgotten and loses its relevance over time, and the geometry is stable.

In rainy weather, you can focus on the reflections.

But, you must admit, one has only to get the sun out and there will be the best light in the world!

Contrast, shadows and everything else will immediately appear, which will enhance the effect of the perception of the picture.

And I also caught myself thinking that I practically do not photograph the sky, whatever it may be.

Perhaps I can insert a piece of blue sky, if this color needs to be included in the overall composition for balance.

Well, in general, you can also shoot in cloudy weather, you just don’t have much desire ...