Pinhole Camera Experiment : Blurry Images

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As promised, Victor @wwwiebe, here is my Pinhole Camera Experiment 😁

Digital Pinhole Camera
Blurry Experiment

Thanks to Victor's post Behind the Photo: The Digital Pinhole Camera I already knew what to do and with this knowledge in mind I thought I couldn't make any mistakes 😉 but I dameged two needles before I decided to take a small nail which I hammered through the only camera body cap I have got for my Canon EOS R ;)

Canon G9X

Thinking of Victor's / @wwwiebe's post telling about using macro extension tubes ( I mounted the cap on the EF-RF lens adapter which then acted as an extension tube, and I remembered that I had some glass lenses somewhere, which I kept when I disassembled a broken lens something, but don't ask me what that was, because I cannot remember.

Some adhesive tape was useful to attach the lens to the cap and voilà, my new pinhole lens was ready to shoot.

Canon G9X

Canon G9X

To test whether I need this extension tube I have shot one photo from our balcony without the RF-EF lens adapter and one with it. The adapter magnifies the image quite a lot, the image looks a bit sharper and has not such a vignette like the first photo has.

Without the EF-RF adapter - quite a vignette

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Canon EOS R | Pinhole lens ;)

Without the EF-RF adapter - magnified and even a bit sharper

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Canon EOS R | Pinhole lens ;)

It took a few seconds until I realized that I couldn't focus and the images didn't get any sharper when I moved the camera closer and further away.

So I just mounted my little Godox LED light to the camera and took one shot without the glass lens and a second one with the glass lens attached. With the glass lens the image is still blurred, but you can decide for yourself ;)

First shot without the glass lens

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Canon EOS R | Pinhole lens ;)

Second shot with the glass lens mounted

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Canon EOS R | Pinhole lens ;)

In case you might be interested in my setup:

Because there's not enough space in our apartment to have a separate place for my indoor photography, the whole experiment happened in our bedroom and I used a chest of drawers as photo table and a big sheet of white paper as background. To avoid camera shaking I used a tripod and a cable release. The lighting for the photos came from the Godox LED light, but for the photos with the Canon G9X I have also used a torch LED light.

Canon G9X

Canon G9X

Canon G9X

Now you are wondering which cameras I have photographed here, because you cannot see much on these quite blurred photos.

Well, I have done some research and can tell you that on the left side there is a BOX-TENGOR 54/2 (GOERZ FRONTAR) from 1931, the camera in the middle is a VOIGTLÄNDER BRILLANT, I think it is model 1 from 1932, and on the right side we have a CORONET REX box camera, made in England in the thirties of the last century too.

Canon G9X

So, that's it for today. The experiment was something different from usual and has also brought some fun and variety to these rather boring days. I think I'll order a new camera body cap and keep this one for some more experiments on another day :)

And as always in these days I have to say ...

Stay at home, take care and stay healthy!


Location / Standort: At home in isolation in Klagenfurt, of course ;)

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have a nice Sunday,

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Bang, even on HIVE I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Sorry, no beers or deranged or trdo yet... waiting on steem-engine to make the move to HIVE...
Check the last changes here

Thank you very much for rehiving my post, dear @pixresteemer 🙂

probably every photographer has to do this experiment, at least once in a life!

Right, and I think this will not be the last time I have tried it - one (soon) day I want to try it ouside and photograph a landscape :)
Thanks a lot for your comment @qwerrie.

I forgot about those. I have been wanting to try it !

You should definitely try it Ross. This was my first time, but I'm sure I will try it again. @wwwiebe has made a cool tutorial which I have linked in my post.

You should do it! The only materials you really need are a left over lens cap, an empty soda can, tape, and a really tiny pin.

It looks like pinhole is becoming a trend on hive :)
It was almost 30 years ago the last time I was talking about pinhole cameras and now two times in a few days!
Great experiment, as I recall it performs better in broad daylight!

those two times in a row were not independent events .. :P

Yes, I know. But it is still impresive!

You are so right, my friend, and I am so glad that the Steemcleaners are not yet on the Hive because otherwise they would scold me for plagiarism 😁

Yes, thanks a lot @fotostef, @wwwiebe has had a very good idea and I think there will come more from him ;)
I think I'll put this big lens in my backpack and next time I'm out I'll give it a try there.
Thank you again, have a great week and take care.

Very interesting experiment, will try it out one day.
Have a great evening @johannpiber.

I hope you do get to try it out. My own pinhole lens has quickly become my current favourite!

As mentioned above, this lens is already in my backpack and next time I'm out I'll try to make some outdoor photos :)

That's definitely something you have to try @cezary-io. I didn't think it would work that well and this lens has already it's place in my backpack, because I want to try some landscape photos with it.

Thank you very much for your kind comment, have a great week and stay safe and healthy my friend.

These look fantastic! I love what you did with them. I also think I'm completely in love with those old cameras! I have a collection of my own and think they're the best things in the world.

Thank you so much Victor, I'm glad you made this experiment and that I could motivat emyself to try it myself :)

I have quite a few more and also older cameras, but the older are not in such good condition like these three. One day I'll have to try to restaurate them.

great post and what a cool experiment ;)

Thank you very much that you like mylittle experiment JJ - it was something different and made fun. This "lens" is already in my backpack and I'll try to photograph landscapes soon 🙂

Cool will be great to see some landscape shots with it

I made two shots of trees yesterday, but they are way too blurry. I think I'll have to adapt that thing that I can focus somehow ;)

I am sure you will work it out somehow :)

Right, I have to think it all over and hopefuly find a solution, and if not then it was fun anyway 🤓


Amazing how old and modern mix with imagination and technology. Very well done!

Good morning and thank you so much - it was just a fun experiment, but I think I'll do some more tests soon ;)
Have a great day and stay safe and healthy.

Good experiment. I think that to get a sharper frame, you can try changing the "focal length" from the hole to the matrix.
I decided to participate in the experiment too. Before that, I only experimented with lenses from slide projectors and a digital camera. It will be interesting, thanks for the motivation :-)

hm... very nice post but... I know you didn't relly experiment... it's just your autofocus that is defective 😉

How could you know that?
I was hoping to get enough money from this post to let my camera repair 😉
But it is not enough, so my landscape photos might all look like this one from now on...

uh... I don't see any difference with how they looked before... 😉😂🍺

You definitely need new glasses or stop drinking ... or both 😂

I think you had a lot of fun with this experiment Johann

Nice collection of antique cameras.

Yes, I had a lot of fun, that's right 🤪
Thank you very much Jo, I hope everything is still alright on your Island.

Hi Johann. We are doing good here. Not too many cases of the virus (22) and anyone coming onto the Island is turned back unless essential business. I guess I can’t get off the Island if I wanted too. Lol

Went for groceries today and people were lined up back to the parking lot -only so many people allowed in at a time. I decided I could wait another day to pick up things at the store. I am usually well stocked up anyway. It’s been suggested people go no more than once a week for groceries.

I hope you and your family are doing alright.

Stay safe, stay well and stay sane In these uncertain days. ❤️

Good morning Jo,

yes, we're fine too, thank you.

Shops with a size of more than 400 square meters must give us breathing masks at the entrance and the shopping carts are disinfected. As with you, only a certain number of people can shop in the store at the same time. The number also depends on the size of the store, but I have not seen queues in front of the shops yet.
I do think these are good rules and as long as the people are calm and understand it will work.

I think you are doing a very good job on the island on fighting this enemy and if everyone sticks to the rules you will certainly be lucky in the end.

Take care and stay safe and healthy Jo.

Howdy sir johannpiber! None of these photos showed up on esteem so I went to Hive and none of them showed up there either! Maybe the pinhole photos were too small for me to see. lol.

No my friend, my images are blurry but they are big enough ;) lol
There seem to be a problem on the blockchain, because very many posts are not showing the photos. I have heard that they are already working to fix it ... hopefully soon.

Oh ok, I saw 2 other posts from yesterday where they said they couldn't show photos. Do they have it fixed today?

Just refresh the the page @janton - at least all my posts are shown correct now 👍🙂