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The pressures are on in the center of Sydney you can't even go into a supermarket without showing your vax pass I am so glad I moved out of Sydney that would have lead me into a lot of trouble maybe knocking out a few people 😂 as you know I am against it but in the long run if I want to come and see some sunsets with you on your private island I may have no choice but for now I will wait to see how all this is going to pan out.

Well that would make sense if the monsoon period is going to hang around longer you may as well make use of your time I will enjoy the sunrises and sunsets here in Byron Bay for you...Cheers bro 👍

Enjoy you day buddy 👍


What I hear coming out of your country and places like Austria now is startling. Glad you are not in the mix of it all. That is good to hear. Enjoy those sunsets and sunrises for me. Yesterday almost half the island was flooded. Totally wild. Gonna do a series on that after taking a ton of crazy flood photos as we "tried" to go around the island. At one point I almost lost the bike as the water was up over where my feet go while driving through the flooded roads. Was totally insane.

Yep I am happy just to stay in my turf enjoying my sunsets, sunrises and the beach traveling is still to many issues even crossing my boarder it's just really bullshit. Those monsoon rains can be pretty damaging will be looking forward to your flood photos glad you didn't lose your pride bike.