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RE: HODL(Stake) vs Trade vs Sell: What is Your Splintershards Airdrop Strategy?

in dPolllast year (edited)

Staking all of my airdrop, but I am liquidating my DEC rewards from gameplay since it's so far above the peg. I can pay for a few life expenses that way -- hell, DEC is close to paying for my groceries at one hour per day of playtime -- and still stake up all my SPS for the long-term.

I think people who are operating months/years in advance with income may as well keep it all, Splinterlands is looking so good as a game that will be popular in the years to come... but DEC selling is a pretty good intermediate for folks on the paycheck-to-paycheck life, nice to get some liquid cash to cover expenses.


Luckily I have my parents to fall back on. I'm living an extremely frugal life. It has been years since I have gone on a real shopping spree or even spent any significant amount on "Entertainment". I'm betting hard on future gains.

Best of Luck!