Would you like it if there was an "I read it" button?

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Would you like it if there was an "I read it" button?


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If I read posts but don't comment or don't have time for it, the author doesn't notice if I read it. Because I don't comment on every post, no one notices, at least for me haha 😂.
I imagine this would be a lot of programming work so it wouldn't be profitable.
But I think it would be nice for the author and the reader to know that their post has been read.
Would you like it if there was an "I read it" button?

  • I would find it good

  • It would be too much work

  • I would not find it good

  • That does not matter to me

  • Never mind

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I am pleased, thank you geneeverett :))

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Thank you very much :))

Maybe an I LOVE THIS button would do the trick though

Brilliant, that would be the ultimate idea. You really are a great idea man 😁. Maybe you want to make a dpoll 👍?

I thought about this because I slowly understood your idea wasn't about the authors themselves, but you, as a reader, who wants to make sure they know you've read them. As not someone who curates, but someone who's a fan of their content.

Although I'm not making a dpoll out of it (you can!), I'll suggest this in the ecency discord.

Great, felipejoys 😃
But I can't make a dpoll because it's your idea :)

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  • I would find it good

Hello Dear @suntree
I get encouragement from you usually
I hope you are well and enjoying your life but I noticed that you have not posted from 10 Months.


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Thank you @youarealive :))

Hello Dear @masoom, thank you for ALIVE 😁. I also thank you for asking, I am doing well and enjoying my life too, I just haven't had enough time and it always takes me so long to post, but I will post again soon :))

Thanks Dear

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  • I would find it good

Great, chimp.ceo, thank you very much :))

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  • I would find it good

This function was on Steemit in 2017,but it was taken out.... probably because it was embarrassing showing 100-200 up votes but 0-5 reads... which ment that no one was reading,just Bot votes..

Thank you, abbak7 :)), I didn't know that at all. It would be great if this function existed again. It wouldn't matter if there were only 0-5 reads, for me it would not be embarrassing for the 100 - 200 up votes. Everyone as he or she likes. But if someone or many people don't like, that people know that they haven't read, maybe it's possible that only those who want to can press the read button.

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  • I would find it good

Could be automated like on other websites, Facebook has a nice view count feature.

Thank you very much, phusionphil :D. Great that this exists on other websites. I'm not on Facebook, would be nice if there was this nice view count feature here too :)

I only have Facebook for the girls who are looking for attention.

Same reason I’m on Instagram😂

Lol the ones on Instagram aren't single so I spend more time on FB, oddly the girls who are not single show more skin lol

It is true!

That is very social of you and for you 😊😉

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  • I would find it good

Thank you very much, akdx I am very happy :D. I haven't seen a post from you for a long time.

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  • I would not find it good

Thank you, oadissin :))

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You're welcome @suntree 😊🌹

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  • That does not matter to me

Thank you very much, jeffjagoe :))

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  • I would find it good

imagine being 100% sure nobody read your post because it has 0 "I read it"

I think the downsides overwhelm the upsides

Not for me.
But I think that for writers who make huge posts and hope that many will read it and want to reach the other person with it, they might be disappointed. But when 0 read a post, it's like that whether you know it or not.
But people might not like it if they just give an vote but don't read it. That's why I think it would be best, so that you don't hurt anyone, that only those who want to press the read button do so.

What would be important to me above all is that someone notices when I have read a post. Because if I don't reply to that post, then the author doesn't even know that I've read their post.
For me, I like to know that when 0 have read my post. I like that people like to do what they like themselves.

most people could upvote for 1% which would be the same. they don't, for the same reason I think they wouldn't press the "I read this" button: lazy

or too little time? :D

imo they would be just lazy. there's no incentive to tapping that button. to most people, that's enough reason to not tap it.

but some already have the incentive :)