Welcome here NEWBORN Analog (film) photography community.

I always wanted to have this small and comfortable space for the Analog stuff creators as well when I used Steemit and when looked around also here when joined Hive.
The old-school Analog photography is definitely less popular than the easily accessible Digital image creating. But still, there are many fans, enjoying slowing down the image creating process and being dedicated to the one-click made photo.

So, here we go. I just created this Analog (FILM) Photog if you use HIVE platform or Analog (FILM) Photog for ECENCY. Say hi to the community owner @hive-120035 (Analog (FILM) Photography) - I'm still learning the community managing process, so please be patient.

For the cover image, I put the cropped version of this photograph that I exposed on Fuji Neopan Acros 100 120 film that was loaded in my trusty Hasselblad 500cm Medium Format 40y old camera. I photographed this scene of the Red Sea when visited Eilat city, located in the southernmost region of Israel.



Best of luck, my friend. I love film. I still have all my analog cameras packed up at my parents house in America. I have been meaning to buy a Holga for the past ten years every time I see it at the camera store, but I haven't yet. But anyway, so I can't participate in your group, but I will be watching.

great thank you very much. as i understand this will be a very not popular community but hey its still about the hand made are (less or more) so why not try :-)

Soon more Hive up, and I can have also film camera 6×6 120 mm film camera 🥰👌👌👌👌👌

sounds great my friend! you're welcome to join

Thank you!! And soon ;)

Good luck!
Unfortunately, my analog camera is dead for ages.

you always can get another one. film photography is in it's TOP these days. no need for some expensive stuff - there are many "shitty" simple point and shoot film cameras around you in the Fakebook market as well on eBay.

thank you very much !

i'm the group admin :-)
thank you for the kind words. hope to get some good contributors.

You're welcome. Maybe I will check something online.

Hey, I'm lazy - lol - but analog and film development is definitely something I want learn in the future. I even have an old "fallout/bomb" like shelter in our basement that would be perfect for developing film in the future

Enough of that though - that is a beautiful photograph!

Hey, thank you very much for the kind words about this image.
i really understand your thoughts about film photography and how it time, power, and patience related. But seems like you already have a very nice place to start with. Actually, it's possible just to shoot film and to develop it in some local lab or at home and to scan the negatives. So there is no need for some complicated darkroom. As I do. Still have to get this film printing and now I'm short on time for this.

Yeah, I mean to get back into it, to be honest. I did some film work in college and loved it. I picked up an original polaroid camera from my uncle last year (still works, believe it or not), and it got me wanting to do more "analog" photography work during the lock down, but I never got to it. I think I'll get there, someday, once Bitcoin hits 7 USD figures - lol

Hope you really will do this it's worth every single minute spent on it.

Sorry I'm late to the party, but better late than never!!! Let's have fun here!!!

you came exactly in time.
the community (party) is only 4-5 days old - I only started it and trying to manage it in the best way also promoted the post as well. Not sure if the film photography community will the top place here but finally we will concentrate very nice old-school photographers in one place

maybe i will finally finish the film that i have in my camera for 3 years. i am not even sure what it is on there :D

what a crime :-))) just do it and show us what the GEMS you got on celluloid :-)
thank you for taking a look

Congratulations on the GREAT START of the Analog (FILM) Photog community
Good luck !

Nice! I may have to play with some film so I can join in the fun.

Hey man ! hope to see some analog stuff is coming from you. cant wait for !

you're very welcome !

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thank you !