Let's talk about smoke Weed and Meditation

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Let’s talk about smoke a joint and do meditation

I love to meditate when I smoke.
Just by simply following those 2 steps.

1. Following/observing my breath

Trying to breathe as slowly as possible without hearing myself thru the process with complete awareness

2. I listen to the sound Om 417Hz Here

When I follow my breathe work I'm also trying to breathe with the OM sound, inhaling 1 Om and trying to exhale 1 Om till a point I'm able to do even breaths.
1 Full OM inhalation
1 Full OM exhale

  • If any thoughts are coming into your mind just leave them be.
  • Simply only think about the breathing!



I'll be happy to hear your experiences with Weed and Meditation down below in the comments.


  • washing teeth :D I can do this for half a hour or it feels that long. Feeling every bristle massaging my gums or drawing different curves is mind flushing.
  • Walking with eyes out of focus and taking as much visuals as posibble.
  • breathing extremely slow, like 1+ min of inhale and exhale while counting the seconds

Breathing is the key...

Why do you think it is a key? For me observing and playing with breath is just a way to overload brain with sensory/awareness activities so it can't keep the constant internal self chatter.

Just like walking a little slower than your normal pace and keeping your mind busy with that task.
Or like trying to count as many snowflakes as you can. Or when trying talk with people trying to be aware of you instinctive reactions and chose different reactions.

Talking here in the context of meditation and mind exercise. I am big fan of all kind breathing techniques.

Breathing is indeed key. The more you do it, the less you think, in fact, but at first, we're unaccustomed to it, so we go through moments of great mental noise. When you hit those, keep focusing on your breathing and don't stop. The noise will eventually go away and you'll see why we say that breathing is key.

Ok breathing practice is very long discussion...
It’s good you work on your breathing.
Do you practice no breathing?
Namaste 🙏

It is indeed. Do you mean holding breath in with fully inhaled or exhaled lungs. I have tried most pranayama variations, some Wim Hof and some resistance based excersices with mask or other airflow restrictions 😊 Now I keep it very simple with a short variation of what is shown here:

Ok, that's good!
Troy is good!

But I didn't mean exactly that ;)
Exhale and trying not to breathe at all, as like you are holding on to exhale with the Wim Hof method but completely aware of that as well.
There is a place where we can reach with no breathing for an extended period of 10-30 min...

I see. 10-30 is a long journey I guess and probably requires more than just body oriented practice.

$rewarding 20%

Weed meditation - the best !!!

Absolutely true.

I love meditating with Mary. I also pray to her and thank her profusely for her gifts. I've used these exercises for a variety of purposes many times and they're wonderful, the plant truly takes us places when we let go.

In my role for the community, however, it's my duty to offer you a suggestion: for coming posts, increase the word count to at least 400, fleshing out the topics a bit more. For instance, in a post like this, you can explain more about what you feel, see and hear when you enter this states under the plant's influence. Then I can add you to my curations. Blessings!

Thank you mate.
I’ll take some more time in my next post.

Tuning out this world has always been the easy part for me, it's making connections that are worth while that I struggle with.

Goot to hear :)

Happy to see you have chosen a good sound vibration to listen when you meditate.

Namaste 🙏

@tipu curate

Thank you for your recommendation!

Hahaha I am laughing because I can relate to what you are practicing. Well done for keeping the focus. I have tried this style of meditation and found it uplifting, but not every day.

Also I find too much weed can negatively impact my moods and nervous system the day after, in the long run as well as block my dream recall, so I can't use weed too much. Ideally the yoga texts suggest that we abstain and just meditate. Still, I have also indulged in this very same practice that you describe in the past.

Best wishes

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Agree with you too much weed can impact your practice.
If it’s in a normal quantity it’s ok ✅

Bless you!

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For me the meditation happens about 5 minutes after smoking, but I like your method. Thanks for sharing.

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