Mango Thick Shake: Raw Vegan Recipe

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Summer season is on and sadly this summer also we are under the shadow of the COVID pandemic. In such a crucial time we need to take care of ourselves and maintain and improve our immunity.

As per medical experts, strong immunity is directly related to our eating habits and lifestyle. Taking natural food is the best for our strong immunity.

In the summer what can be better than juicy sweet and delicious mangoes!!

Traditionally animal milk is used to make any shake but according to Ayurveda mangoes and animal, milk is not compatible and should not be eaten together. And as a vegan, I do not consume any animal product so here I made this Mango Thick Shake using Oat and lots of dry fruits. No sugar added so it is a Raw Vegan recipe as well.


Peel and cut 1 kg mangoes. Take 1/2 cup of oats and make oat milk using a glass of water.
Now add soaked dry fruits ( I used almond, walnuts, raisins and figs) 1 cup.
Blend all and filter, your thick vegan milk is ready.
Now blend this with mango pulp.
Delicious Mango Thick Shake is ready to serve.


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Mango Shake is summer love <3 I have it twice a day. My newborn also loves it like crazy. I give 2 spoons to him as his sweet dish and he goes crazy about it.

Ya true, it's a must have in summer. It is a real summer delight.

 6 days ago 

Looks really delicious, love the opening sequence on the video by the way. Mango season is upon us now in Suriname too, but the local people don't pick them, nor do they allow us to pick them for free. So sad to see heaps of mangoes go to waste like this.

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