Healing Humanity's Sacred Wound

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Thank you everyone for the positive feedback to my last post. We are currently in a period of time where our deepest wounds are coming up to be looked at and healed. I am glad that I could present some techniques to help with this.

As always, the following represents my truth at this time. It does not have to be your truth so take what resonates and leave the rest.


I want to start by sharing some additional information relevant to my previous post. Last Sunday @aggroed and I were discussing zero pointing on the PAL Town Hall and he asked a valid question. "Why would you want to zero point the positive end of the program spectrum?" I didn't know the answer and I'd previously asked myself the same question. I'd not heard Morgan or Melissa cover this in their videos. Remember, I'm not claiming to be an expert. I am just doing my best to share what I've understood and embodied. I'm learning as I go along, just like everyone else.

What I can say is, the more I clear, the more my highest self is in the driver's seat, and the more my life resembles the turning of a book in terms of synchronicities. So on Monday, an Alan Watts Buddhist teaching popped up in one of my feeds. Despite being unrelated to the original question, it answered it beautifully.

I have transcribed the relevant section here but the whole thing is worth listening to:

If you are striving for the positive, then you are under an illusion, because the positive cannot exist without the negative. You only know what to be, by contrast of what not to be. So if you try to pursue, to gain the positive, and deny, get rid of the negative, it’s as if you were trying to arrange everything in this room so that it was all up and nothing was down. You can’t do it. You set yourself an insoluble problem because the basis of life is a spectrum. You can’t know one end of the spectrum without knowing the other.

Consider the spectrum of colours. When you think of a spectrum, in what form do you think of it? Most people think of it as a ribbon, with red at one end and purple at the other. But the spectrum is actually a circle because purple is the mixture of red and blue. It goes right round. And so in this way, all sensation, all feeling, all experience what-so-ever is moving through spectra. You don't only have the spectrum of colour, you have a spectrum of sound, you have various complex spectra of texture, of smell, of taste, and you're constantly operating through all possible variations of experience. And it implies that you can't know one end of the spectrum without also knowing the other. So say your favourite colour is red, and you wanted only red and you had to exclude blue and purple. Without blue and purple, you can’t have red.

I hope that provides clarity around why we need to zero point both ends of the spectrum. I would add that by being in a neutral state, it allows you to live in the now moment and experience whatever you need to experience, rather than slip into old programing. In this way, you are not giving power to that experience, which is what happens when you're experiencing something from a program. So thank you @aggroed for asking that question so the universe could provide me with an answer, which I can now share.

Love is our Sacred Wound

If you're resonating with these posts, then you're probably noticing things coming up from your past including things you thought you'd already dealt with. I've noticed regardless of what I clear, it always comes back to love, which incidentally is humanity's sacred wound. I really want to talk about this today because it just adds another layer of depth to my last post.

According to the Gene Keys, we are all living deeply under the shadow of constriction, which the source of all human suffering. Love grows through freedom and dies through constriction.

25th gene key screenshot.jpg
Source: Rudd (2013)

As an individual you can sense where your constriction lies if you take the time to tune in to it. What programs, beliefs and thought patterns are you holding onto? The tighter you hold onto them, the more they will engulf you, and the more 'constriction' will shape your life. According to Rudd (2013), almost all systems of thought create more constriction, unless those thoughts lead you into deeper acceptance of your true nature. This is why identifying and zero pointing all your crap is important, and also why acceptance is equally important.

Rudd (2013) goes on to describe constriction at the collective level. It shows up in our need for laws, borders, contracts, walls, and money to name a few. However, the biggest constriction we place on ourselves is time. Time creates an enormous energy field of tension and pressure that affects us all, regardless of our physical location.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's just how deep the shadow of constriction runs. We are now more constricted than ever in terms of our movements and personal freedoms. This is forcing us to question what is truly important and why we have allowed ourselves to become so constricted by everything we have created. Remember, the external world is a reflection of the inner world so we're all responsible. Being confined to our homes has also revealed how comfortable we'd become living in a constant rat race and running on auto-pilot. We now have the opportunity to reprioritise how we spend our time.

The shadow of constriction manifests in the physical as our obsession with materialism. According to Rudd (2013), humans reduce the universe to dense objects and we hold onto them as tightly as possible. We see it everywhere. Society is conditioned to want and need more. We use the term "possessions" to describe our "BELONGings". You really don't have to look far to see how much we value physical stuff and our need to hold onto it.

But it doesn't stop there. Rudd (2013) goes on to say that our material obsession extends to our relationships. We tend to hold onto those closest to us as physical anchors in this reality, which distorts and restricts the natural flow of love between people. Co-dependence is everywhere. Between partners, parent and child, employee and employer, and so on.

To highlight just how obsessed humanity is with the physical, I would argue that majority of people on this planet hold the view that they are their physical body only. We naturally hold onto everything we experience and keep it contained within our physical vessels based on the limited, 3rd dimensional view of "this is who I am". Dropping all the programs and labels we've internalised (which gives them physicality) means dropping the belief that our programs and labels is what makes us valuable. Most people cannot do this. We've created our lives around this false value system.

From here we also begin to question what is real and what is not. If we are not the thoughts, emotions or programs running inside our bodies, the existential question naturally arises "If everything I think I am is not real, am I real?". Many people do not want to go here either for fear of their world unravelling. And so we hold on.

Thus, clinging to the physical human body as a total representation of who we is possibly the peak of our collective materialist ignorance. The physical body is currently very limited compared to the expansive subtle body, which we can't detect with our five physical senses.

Constriction is a wound that will choke the life out of us if we let it, and 2020 revealed just how deep in this shadow we really are. If we imagine this Gene Key as a pendulum, I would argue that it has now reached its maximum swing in one direction. Collectively, we have learnt everything we can from this shadow during this evolutionary cycle. By forcing us to stop, 2020 has given us the opportunity to question who we really are and where our value truly lies. Alan Watts says everything exists on a spectrum so I believe it's now time for the pendulum to start moving in the other direction.

energy body layers.jpg

When we clear these deep shadow aspects/wounds within ourselves, we clear them from the collective as well. Remember, your external world is merely a reflection of your inner world. So when you unlock yourself, you heal yourself, and you heal humanity. You then move towards the other end of the spectrum, which Rudd (2013) describes as the siddhi state of universal love.

Universal love advocates a life without boundaries or constrictions of any kind. It is about recognising that love is the source of all and being able to take on and transform the pain of all. It's about reaching a Christ or Bodhisattva level of frequency. However, the only way to get there is to work through the shadow of constriction to unlock the gift of acceptance. Only when you can accept that everyone and everything in the world is perfect in this now moment, can you naturally begin to shift into the siddhi state of universal love.

My Shamanic Journey

I now want to tie together the insights from my previous post and this one, based on what the universe showed me recently, before exploring the 25th Gene Key. In my last shamanic journey (I've discussed shamanic journeying in this video), I was in a circle of Native American elders. In the centre was a huge crystalline fire (the violet flame of transmutation) and above it was Earth. Around the Earth was a thick black substance, but also flashes of light, which get stronger by the day.

The Elders told me that the black stuff was our attachment to things, beliefs and programs, and our fear of letting them go. This is the shadow of constriction, which is controlled by the lower, ego-mind. The light is the Divine Feminine, the energy of the Heart. Universal love. I talked about the Divine Feminine in this video and this video.

fem masc.jpg

However, because humanity has been conditioned to feel small, weak, unworthy and separated over many millennia, we've sunk further into our shadow, into density, into ego, and away from our true nature as loving, multi-dimensional beings.

Throughout history, those who embodied the Divine Feminine energies (most of whom were incarnated in female vessels) were ridiculed, shamed, abused, persecuted and killed. Their cosmic knowledge based on the principles of universal love challenged the patriarchal paradigm of separation, duality and control. Think witch burnings. Think the decimation of Indigenous cultures with strong spiritual and shamanic practices. This is not an attack on men by the way, I'm talking energetics. I've discussed both the Divine and distorted masculine energies in this video.

The Elders showed me that as a species, we are struggling to surrender to the Divine Feminine that exists within all of us. This is what is holding the dark cloud over the Earth. Because embracing the Divine Feminine led to our deaths in previous lives, this trauma is now deeply embedded in our DNA, so fully surrendering to her 'feels unsafe'. How this is showing up for each of us now, in this life, is unique and something we each have to identify and work through.

Coming back to the synchronicities in my life, the information I received in this journey ties in nicely with Gigi Young's view, which I have since come across. Her excellent series Isis Rising is all about the rise of the Divine Feminine at this time. Gigi says that you cannot truly ascend back into your higher consciousness unless you retrace your incarnational path through the cosmos, through your past lives, and through your overall soul journey. This resonates with me a lot but it doesn't have to be your truth.

Gigi describes our ascension back into multi-dimensionality as a retracing of our descension into the third density. We go up through the same patterns that we came down so that we come full circle. This means all of the points of struggle and the challenges that we encountered in our previous lives are stored in our DNA. All of those experiences that led to our descension and ultimately to our current life, we now we get to understand, integrate and heal. But don't worry, you have everything you need to do that. The universe doesn't give you anything you can't handle. As proof, you've received everything you need to make it to this now moment. And on the plus side, as we heal and ascend, we will naturally regain our cosmic knowledge and the talents we were cut off from as we fell.


Until we heal the sacred wound of constriction and let go of our attachments to our traumas, programs, beliefs, thought patterns etc., the darkness we see playing out in the external world will continue. The Elders said to me, “This is why no one can do the work for you and no one is coming to save you. If you want to be free of the darkness you see around you, you have to do the work yourself.”

The only way to embody the beautiful, higher frequency energies available to us now, is through healing and self-responsibility. However, we have more energetic support available to us than ever before once we take those steps towards self-transformation. When we let go of our attachments, the Elders and other spiritual guides can help us transmute that energy back to Source.

So we start by identifying our programs and accepting who we are. I discussed this in detail in my last post but I will summarise Rudd's (2013) view from the Gene Keys. Acceptance the portal to universal love. To accept something about yourself, and especially something uncomfortable, it first must be recognised. This kind of acceptance takes place when you build up the courage to look into your shadow.


And if this is all a bit too much for you and you just want a short, animated film to basically sum it all up, this video does a pretty sweet job at explaining the meaning of life. It touches on many of the concepts I have discussed, and if nothing else, it will give you a deeper understanding of unity consciousness and how we each create our own worlds.

Finally, I am currently co-hosting the PAL Town Hall with @aggroed on Sundays at 14:00 NY/ 19:00 UK/ Monday 06:00 Sydney if you want to hear us talk about stuff like this. Check out MSP Waves or come into the PAL discord server to listen in.


Rudd, Richard. 2013. The Gene Keys (pp. 197-201). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

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Footer by @ryivhnn


You touch here a bunch of sensitive topics, but the original question of the post remains the most essential, I think. Most of us are told constantly that we should be positive, that we should embrace good and shed evil, pursue light and put darkness aside, that the shadow is a no-go and we should just smile and be kind to everyone.

But duality fulfills a purpose, we can't find balance just by putting all of our energy in one side of the scales. The Heart and the Feather must be level for us to proceed to the next phase of evolution. This is why we must accept and be thankful for the gritty aspects of life too. This is difficult, of course, because it's unpleasant and scary to accept death, pain, anger, cruelty, oppression, let alone be thankful for them. But if we shed our judgment and opinions, we realize all of those things are just part of existence, they embody teachings and they can all help us unlearn the patterns that keep us trapped.

Love is neutral, it has no inclinations toward one thing or the other, it stands beyond any duality. And indeed, we can love everything by realizing that everything is there for us out of Love, even the things we're told to consider terrible. Love is the only Truth and the only Reality, the rest is just Fear and Illusion.

This just showed up in my FB feed and seems to capture what you are saying here.

Precisely so. I've willingly explored darkness to increasing depths, and it's been enormously rewarding! Of course, it comes with its own perils, but what doesn't?

I tell everyone that it's better to get into the Shadow willingly than to wait for it to manifest itself, which it most assuredly will. That way we can do it on our terms, instead of being forced to accept the conditions imposed on us by the environment.

Exactly. I think it's getting harder and harder to ignore the shadow now as well given the high frequency light coming in. That said, we can clear things very quickly now because of the high frequency light coming in!

Indeed. Until very recently the fact that we live in a dualistic reality has been overlooked so we are where we are as a result. Thank you for the way you've explained this. It makes total sense to me.

 2 years ago  

Just to say I have read it and just tweeted it, love it, will get back to you as today is not an inner world day, it's an out in the sunshine day, probably being naughty with a beer.

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Thanks River. Standing by for further comments.

I was very like this
" This is why no one can do the work for you and no one is coming to save you. If you want to be free of the darkness you see around you, you have to do the work yourself.”
And I was very like to read all this.. I was very slow to read it , I have lot text here what I have to text up and think. I be happy to see soon your new posts :)

Thank you for making the effort to read it. You can always use Google translate if it gets too much. That's what I do. 😃👍

Ah .. I use it lot times :)) but I not like Google :))

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Wow, this is such an epic post, which really goes in depth into the process of healing and how we as people have become so disconnected. It really is a journey back to self that is needed, and you cover this so beautifully in this post, taking us on a journey of self discovery, self connect and realization. Bringing us back into balance!
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Thank you @trucklife-family for this comment. Yes, it really does come back to self. We (myself included) have spent so much time (and money) looking externally for things to "fix" us, when what we really need to do is go within.

@rilo, buena información, saludos...los humanos tenemos mucho que aprender, aceptar y reconocer que somo seres de energía...saludos

Gracias por tu comentario.