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Hi fellow Gardeners,

Today we moved all the indoor plants out to the deck to capture the crisp sun and fresh air! (Also get rid of the dirt and little flies that the wife hates hahah)


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Fresh Air and Sun

The little foray into planting our own stuff from seed has been a lot of fun for myself as well as the little man. He's gotten to see it from the very beginning of the process to when the plants start to sprout up!

What has been a little challenging is with the stuff in the house, we were running into issues with him playing, can't blame him, and constantly knocking over the flower pots so there is dirt all over the place in the living room. With carpet, that doesn't really do well lol especially because we don't want to attract any additional critters into the house than we already have.

Thankfully the plants are a lot happier outside, the ones that survived the cold snap we had over the last few days. The seedlings didn't survive in most cases unfortunately but that's okay, we will plant more in a couple weeks when the evening temperature doesn't get below 50 degrees often. It got into the 30's so that wasn't good and killed some.

The plants, when they were inside, also didn't get enough water often enough so you can see the lettuce is pretty much dying there lol. We brought them outside and watered them pretty well so hopefully they sprout back up and get some life back in them, I think they will! What we've got to offer here besides some nice flowers for the bees, is only lettuce, basil, tomatoes and cucumbers right now. We didn't want to start a crazy garden, given that we don't have a lot of room and there are some things up in the air right now if we will be living here for the whole summer.


The big pot here, I'm really hoping that we can get some good basil plants going! One of the things we love the most is some really good basil. We eat a lot of salads and stuff and having some fresh, dried basil is really important to me as well as my wife and son so we might have a big supply of it this year. No complaints from me on that one lol we will be doing a lot of cooking and eating it I'm sure!

The other plants will be nice to have, I will have to work on getting the tomatoes to grow properly this year. The past two years I tried tomatoes it didn't work out very well, I need to figure out how to fertilize the soil better and maybe add some small worms to it or something. The tomato plants I grew had some gross tomatoes and some issues with getting them to not have some type of rot on them, so that was sad to see my efforts end in a bit of a failure there lol oh well.


How is your garden going?! I would love to see more gardening posts, I know a fair amount of people I follow are doing it which I think is excellent!

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Nice one these are looking much better after the transplant and some sun.

Thanks man, I'm hoping to get a small container going or compost up there with them so I can try my hand at that process lol

They are much happier with direct sun, the rose plant is looking fantastic these past 2 days! Really excited about that.

Nice compost is a great thing for so many reason, I like my worm bins. Can be indoor with no smell.

Yeah I remember seeing your compost bins, those look great! We have a need to compost things but also get fresh dirt so I'm going to see what the rough turnaround time is for the stuff. We produce a lot of compost ourselves lol

Yeah, it is the best way to get free soil,