Cell of self-defeat — be shattered soon

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Cell of self-defeat — be shattered soon




Cell of self-defeat — be shattered soon

Potentially, the actual will bloom
before the disbelieving eyes of those
who, in that dismal self-containing room
can fathom not the maker as it sews
in quiet of the primal aether-dreams
that flood and roil silently in streams.

Here, a vibrant touch amidst the shade,
and there again, a dark-recessèd home
for biding spirits crouched in the dew
a-clinging to the verdant tendrils made
to twine and pad the path of all who roam
amongst the weary night to be made new.

The rusted tracks through what was once thick grove
have by the course of time been scarred and maimed
by those slow sentinels about that trove
whose hidden-treasured roots have now reclaimed
the actual invaders of the wrath
unresting, ceaseless joy of natured path.

The actual alignment of wood beams
off-kilter, have been rectified by years
of scarrèd resurrection at the seams
of kinfolk-bodies once — brought down with tears
and blood of older mem'ries than design
five-starrèd of small humanframe outline
to silhouette the past with larger thought
of what may be, and shall be surely, wrought.


b (1).jpeg

images and words by @d-pend
created for HIVE on May 6th, 2021.
images are original photographs taken with iPhone 8+,
processed with Deep Dream and edited in Final Cut Pro.




When I look at your pictures I see past, present and future. It must be something with the editing or maybe the poem.

!LUV the images. I can see a lot of creativity was used for this post. I've been messing around with phone photos and editing it with Snapseed but have not gotten as good a result, so far. I guess I need more practice. Art is really a symbiosis between the creator artist and the consumer audience. Very inspiring post, @d-pend. :)

I like the colors in the last picture

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