Some rainy ramblings and an aftermath

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Some rainy ramblings
and an aftermath
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- writing and photos .
 . - . by @d-pend - . - 



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Some rainy ramblings

The air grows dense and cold; space buckles from the expansive humidity. All the cheap dye that colors the world's objects begins to rinse away to swirl about the great drains leading to the creeks and rivers of the city. The grey wind has taken all the gaudy phrases from my lips and scattered them like so many sodden promotional leaflets. They are whisked away to crumble and bleed senseless inkspots against some curb, no longer comprehensible, and completely unwanted by everyone.
The exhaustion of human affairs is not the mere absence of energy, but a palpable negation of vitality stemming from the understanding that one is embroiled in patterns that must play out over astronomical stretches of time; an entire lifetime an eyeblink, a millenia a minute. Rain provides solace from — or an exacerbation of — such exhaustion by reducing the visual contrast of life. The greyness cancels the overblown carnival for a day or so.
Primordial droplets demonstrate fluidity and the dissolution of boundaries; infinite patience, receptivity, and the futility of ungoverned passions.





the richness of the air after a rain
all sodden with aetheric petrichor
goes deep into recesses of my brain
and makes me more what I was once before.

Photos and writing
by Daniel Pendergraft
created for Hive
on May 25, 2020.

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I think almost all of the country always rains, in my area it rains every day, and also the atmosphere for now is very cool, without the bright sun,

Where do you live that it rains so often, if you don't mind me asking?

I live in Aceh Indonesia, have you ever been here, my brother,

Lovely. Hasn't rained here in weeks. Water though trembled in the streams and rivers. Keeps moving whilst we are still..

I'm always happy for rain here in Texas during the warm months... helps stave off everything inevitably turning brown at some point during the Summer :-)

Oh, I hear that. I think our weather is similiar in vic, Australia - compared notes with @nateonsteemit.

Didn't rain for months over here but when it rained three days ago, it was cat and dog. I slept like a baby that night.

Thanks Daniel for the wonderful pics and photos. Good stuff

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Did someone say Texas? :) @riverflows, I haven't been getting notifications from Gina anymore, so I just checked my peakd notifications and saw your mention just now.