I finally got to go to one of my girlfriend's yoga classes

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My yoga teaching girlfriend amazes me

I wrote about @flowerbaby graduating her yoga teacher training a few months ago. Her class schedule has made it a bit difficult for me to attend, due to my work schedule. Her skills have been progressing each week, in this post I talked more about that.

I can finally say that I have been to one of her classes and it was an amazing experience! A few weeks back, I was off of work and able to slide into one of her 9:30 am slots at Yoga Power. There were a few other students in the class that day as well. I was finally getting to see how she went about doing her teaching. Until this time, I had only heard stories or watched her brainstorm at home. It is a whole different thing actually being in the studio with her and her students.

I have got to say that I am so damn proud of this girl. She amazed me, it's as if a switch turned on and activated her yoga goddess abilities. Her voice was louder than I had ever heard, I could tell that she has gained confidence in her teaching. I knew she would do so, but it is awesome to witness firsthand and receive confirmation.

She has already received two 5 star reviews from people who have attended her class (one was from me of course).



I know that each new person who tries her class will be enthusiastic about coming back again. She's cheerful, prompt, beautiful, talented, and consistent. She is my favorite teacher at the studio, I promise I am not just saying that because she is my girlfriend either. I genuinely feel as though going to her class leaves me feeling the best during and afterward.

I know you will read this @flowerbaby, I just want to encourage you to keep doing your thing. You are surely meant to be teaching yoga and I am thankful that you took the time to go through those many months of training. I know that you are going to continue to have more opportunities to spread your love of yoga to others. I believe in you to do so many great things, I'm here to help you along that path in all of the ways that I can.


These photos are not from the class that she taught, but rather an outdoor class we attended together recently. I wasn't going to try to distract her from teaching her own class by taking photos. That would be pretty rude/cringe, it's about the yoga in those instances. This outdoor class was far less professional than @flowerbaby's classes in the studio. The teacher was late, her practice lacked many things, and all of the students were spread too far apart which made it difficult to hear.

I hope that one day soon @flowerbaby will have enough students to host her own outdoor class. She deserves that audience and more. Eventually, I know she will work her way up to teaching SUP yoga classes on the water like she originally dreamed of when first beginning her yoga training. I know we will get to that point, just have to stay consistent like you are doing baby.





Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝

I love my little yoga chick! Feel free to leave her a positive comment encouraging her to post more here on Hive. I know a few people have asked if she will be posting videos of her yoga flow. We are working on that, but wireless mics are pretty darn expensive.


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Fantastic post, @daltono. I love yoga and it really makes a difference who the teacher is. Congrats to @flowerbaby on graduating the yoga teacher training. The hundreds of hours required to pass these things is not a walk in the park. Wishing you both a wonderful life!


Thanks a lot!
I'm so proud of her and am thankful any time that I am able to attend her classes.



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I have never practiced yoga. I'm too lazy for anything that involves exercise. Excellent that your girlfriend teaches yoga. I wish her much success.

Yoga is one of the calmest forms of exercise. Some may even call it the lazy man's fitness. I will say that yoga has the capability to be pretty intense if posed to higher levels.

Booyah!! You did it! You finally attended one of @flowerbaby 's yoga classes! I'm sure it was awesome.
I'm one of those that are eager to practice alongside with her through a video, but I can imagine how expensive are the mics. No hurry guys, in the mean time those photos you share with us already help me with improving my poses!
Keep on the hard work Hannah!! Your dreams are closer than ever!! ❤️

Once she is able to both teach classes in real life and make videos for online, I know she will enjoy it. It'll be like getting to teach twice as many classes, which should mean becoming twice as skilled.

Thanks for the love and support!

Congratulations to @daltono and @flowerbaby for sharing the yoga class, and the commitment to practising and teaching yoga, preparing you to do it well.

Enjoy your post, I like the activity you do.
You are a beautiful couple in love, enjoy life and be happy.
Greetings and blessings

You are very kind. I thank you tremendously for the positivity.