Another Brilliant Brinjal Salad Supper

Another seasonal supper for meat free Monday. The never boring tomato (we are up to 23kg and 130+ tomatoes and still counting - The Husband, anyway) and olive salad, this time with balsamic rather than apple cider vinegar.

With that went a Mediterranean inspired brinjal and chickpea salad using harissa and sweet peppers pulled together with the winning combination of dhanya (coriander/cilantro) and fresh mint.

Next time - and there will be a next time, and yes I made notes - I will serve it with tzatziki and in pita pockets rather than on top of flatbreads.

Happily, I didn't haven to make these last night - I had frozen them after last week's supper. Yesterday was a "proper", long Monday...

Another vegan meal The Husband ate with gusto. So much for a small portion left over (not!) for lunch!!

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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     last month 

    Definitely my kinda dinner. Have you ever made labneh? I reckon it'd be delicious with this.

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    I have! I agree, but I think the dish would benefit from the garlic and cumber. I must make labneh again!

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