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RE: Pears, Pears, and more Pears! {Pressure Cooker Pear Butter}

I love how no matter how long it takes me to get around to reading/commenting/posting on Hive, I find synchronicity within our Natural Medicine community!
On Monday, my love took the kids for a walk and brought me back a bushel of pears from the neighbor's tree for me to process this week. I have been debating what I wanted to make with them, and after seeing your post this morning I know I am going to take your lead and use my pressure cooker to cut my work considerably for the pear butter!
It's also apple season here in the Smoky Mountains, so next week I will do the same with a heap of apples!
I try to do several different things when I have a big batch of something for processing, but I just love making the fruit "butters" the best because it goes so well with the fresh baked breads on those chilly winter days!

@plantstoplanks thanks for sharing your pear adventures.



@freemotherearth! Been thinking aobut you a lot lately! Glad you are still around, even though you haven't had much time to post. Fruit butter on fresh baked bread on winter days? Give me a chai with that and I'd be in absolute heaven!

 2 months ago 

Oh yay! So fun when that works out. Though I suppose that makes sense when we're not too far apart in geographical regions. :) How nice of them to do the picking to bring you such a treat! I hope we can get some apples, as well. We might have to make a trip up to the Blue Ridge Mountains soon where a lot of the Georgia orchard. I'm going with some girlfriends in November, but that might be a bit too late to really get the good ones.

I totally agree about the fruit butter. Nothing beats a smear on some fresh, warm bread! Yum, lunchtime here so better go fill my growling belly. Enjoy your own fruit-filled fall!

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