O.M.G WHAT IS THIS GROSS BUG? - Prepping the Garden for Grandma and Me

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O.M.G WHAT IS THIS GROSS BUG? - Prepping the Garden for Grandma and Me

Today we dug up the dirt to plant flowers tomorrow with Grandma.


Poppy, my dog, wanted to help take the weeds out.


I found a weird bug. It was creepy and looked like a maggot. We reached the bug and found out that it’s called a grub.

If there are ten or more grubs in a square inch call the pest control because they will ruin your garden.
(Mom says no pest control because we are vegan and could find a better way. Luckily, we only saw one anyway).


This is where we learned about grubs, https://www.lawn-plus.com/blog/getting-rid-grubs/

Today was fun.

I will share pictures of my garden tomorrow when it is done.

Thank you. Bye.

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How fun that you're helping with that project! Flowers make such a difference! It was nice of Poppy to come and help you! 😁 I planted marigold flowers around my herb garden to help keep the bugs away!

Merigolds keep bugs away? I must go back to the nursery to pick up some of those magical bug repellers. Thank you.

I read that they keep some bugs away, I forget which ones since it's been so long ago that I read it. But, they certainly helped my herb garden and I think they're pretty, too! I planted marigolds around the edges, with all my herbs in the middle.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Ah yes, beetle larvae from the scarab family. We call them curl grubs. Generally if there is lots of good plant matter in the soil, they shouldn't cause much trouble. We had them in large amounts in our garden at one point, but we have chickens which eat the excess. They only really caused harm to seedlings, so I'd dig the area to clear the big ones for the chickens and then the seedlings had the time to grow bigger before any left caused them too much harm. They are the big Christmas beetles, the smaller lawn beetles don't even bother the lawn and likely aerate it for us.

I think sometimes we're too quick to rush in and kill "pests" without realising that they have purpose as long as things are in balance.