Moon Woman On HIVE: Three Goddesses to Follow! ๐ŸŒ› [Plus, An Invitation to a A Sacred Woman's Circle!] ๐ŸŒ›

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The last few weeks we've been celebrating the sacred feminine on HIVE, and last week we featured a little appreciation for three awesome woman we love here - @trucklife-family, @auelitairene, and @plantstoplanks.

It's not that we're saying woman are better, not at all. We're just showcasing some earth mama, rocking spirit, kick ass, inspirational woman we reckon deserve a little love. It's a way of celebrating the qualities that woman bring to HIVE, and saying how much we appreciate them.


Here's another three to follow. Who are YOUR favourite woman on HIVE?


Sqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqeeeeee!! I've only just discovered @wildfamily and had the absolute PLEASURE of listening to her speak and sing in The Terminal as part of a Sun/Moon Concert we enjoyed, hosted by @adiwathrive. Her vocals are something else! Listen to this tune , recently posted in response to Hive Open Mic.

She writes about singing:

Singing activated an ancient knowing, an intrinsic gift that we have as humans, to express ourselves through our voices. In the Song Carriers way, we sing the songs of the Earth and have been sanctioned to be shared with all women. Some of these songs you may already know. We also sing the "new songs" of the Earth that are bubbling up from the waters, the fire, the trees, and the souls of the women. We sing as a way to connect with the Great Mystery/The All/God/Creation.

And if you missed it, do listen to this stunning duet with her other half, @cabelindsay. It's been in my head all week. On repeat!

Image Credit: Cabe Lindsay



A relative newcomer to HIVE, you'd be hard pressed to find more creatively presented posts. Her images are stunning collages and beautifully selected drawings, including some of her own. She's started a series about managing mental health (in dual language, no less) called Project Elpis, which you can catch every Sunday - her first one on managing depression you can find here. Soulful, thoughtful, creative and kind, we love her presence in Natural Medicine and appreciate all she does to bring light to our lives.




Rabbit moon woman, homesteader, mother, nature lover - @freemotherearth's posts are just a delight. Whether gushing about her garden or making probiotic concoctions, she's a happy soul who feels most connected in the natural world she adores. I love reading her passionate, happy posts, and I learn a lot from this wise woman too. Thanks for being part of our Hive community, and we also really love the entries you write for our challenges! Catch her post on the sacred feminine here.


We're sending a tip via @naturalmedicine for all three woman featured here. Who are your favourite woman on HIVE? Comment below for an upvote.

Oh, and if you'd love to join our first woman's circle on HIVE, hosted by @violetmoon and @neyxirncn, please get in touch - it's on the 8th of August and I can't wait! Find out more details here.


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Such beautiful energy! So wonderful to see such a strong feminine presence on Hive. I am planning on taking time tomorrow to go back and comment on some of the amazing Sacred Feminine posts. Of course our dear @riverflows deserves some special love for spearheading the Nat Med community. I am also quite thankful for the friendships I have built with @fionasfavourites, @traciyork and @foxyspirit. Not to mention my gals @carolynstahl, @amy-goodrich and @lizelle for leading the way in the kitchen. So many more, so I'm sure I'm forgetting some but those ladies always deserve an extra virtual hug from me. ๐Ÿ’š

Sorry I missed lasts weeks feature, you deserve to be noticed as you are such an amazing woman! I am also grateful for your friendship :D You are a strong woman and I would be missing out if I didn't take the path that brought me to you :) <3

It is a pleasure to be in connection here with these women sharing their hearts through music, creation, art, poetry, sacred life in motion. There is such beauty here, and it is only beginning. May we grow. May we thrive. May we remember the gifts of our souls and share them freely, trusting in the reciprocal flow that returns to us when we stand rooted in our truth, what is ours uniquely to bring into the world. We are channels of divine grace. We are women. Thank you @freemotherearth, @danielapevs, @neyxirncn, @auelitairene, @riverflows, @violetmoon, @trucklife-family, @plantstoplanks, and all the incredible potent women of HIVE.

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Very beautiful mentions โ™ฅ๏ธ And thank you for pointing out the awesome women of hive! Congratulations to you all โ™ฅ๏ธโœจ

beautiful! Nice energy what wonderful women you have @naturalmedicine! โ™ฅ๏ธ

Thank you for all of this, for all that you have formed with NM, for allowing so many people to make a home here. This community is wonderful, it is sisterly and it is like I said, a home, warm, where we can all embrace each other and sow peace. ๐Ÿ’œ We are all powerful women, wise, full of light, love, intelligence ... we are sacred, words simply fall short of how wonderful we are and all that we can achieve, build.

I am honored to be included in this post! It's a very rewarding feeling to know that folks are reading my posts and finding content that can be applied to their own lives. Any post I make usually takes me at least a couple of hours to put together, which is no small chunk o time in my busy days. As my fellow healers and guides can attest, there are many times when you put the efforts in and do not get to see the direct result of healing and growth. Sometimes that leads to us directing our energies in other more productive directions, if we are in balance. It's really nice to find little gems of appreciation on here that encourage us to keep sharing our experiences and intuition with each other (because some of us live on this amazing planet Earth full of nature and love and harmony in sacred space!) as well as the "other world" that many humans seem to find themselves stranded on...