Update On My Container Tomatoes - Soon For Harvesting.... Check This Out!

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Beefsteak Tomatoes

It won´t surpass the container tomatoes I have grown in the past years when we still lived in the former house. We hadn´t have a good start as Spring had been wet and cold this year. But at least I have tried this season and I won´t say my container growing is perfect but I could harvest at least three dozens of the Beefsteak variety.


Some are starting to get red already although I was anticipating the fruits to still grow bigger. There are more buds/flowers that are fading and little fruits are showing today. So I suppose that this will be a continuing process of having fruits the whole Summer.


The most positive thing is that the beefsteak and the cherry varieties are robust and I didn´t have any problem with pest of of any sort lurking in the plants. My flowering plants are attacked by a certain parasite that left white thread like crisscross lines and I am not sure what kind of insect these are. But they are on the other side of the balcony, so I hope they are not liking my tomatoes.



Robust Cherry Tomatoes ...

I love them in clusters and I know I will have plenty and I am eagerly waiting for its harvest because I intend to use it for the roasted garlic tomatoes I preserve. They are bountiful in growing and the two container cherries will surely provide a good harvest .


When I grow the cherry tomatoes, I do not let the suckers grow in between the leaves and the main stem. Although some said I should cut the suckers before the first fruit cluster growth.






I do not throw brewed coffee and brewed tea and use them to fertilize these tomatoes. I give them as feed once a week. Also, ground eggshells are superb feed because it contains calcium for stronger plants. More updates will come about my container gardening... so until next time!


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Thank you @hivebuzz...will strive hard! Lol! Have a great week ahead!

You're welcome @mers, have a nice week too 😊👍 Nice motivation!
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Thank you!

Hi! Many thanks too! Proposal #147 voted already. Cheers!

Thank you for your unfailing support @mers, much appreciated!

Ho my!iboga nako oy pagkadali mamunga. Puera buyag gyud ng kamot nimo ba, Hanep as in, green thumb. Pag post puhon Mers sa imong pag alaga ana.

Sarap kilawim papakin kamatis mo

Your tomatoes are looking very good, I'm impressed! I tried to grow some tomatoes on my balcony a few years ago but I got 3 or 4, of a size of a plum 😁, so I said never ever. Have fun harvesting!

Thank you @erikah...I always plant in containers on the top terrace because of the slugs in my garden. Now we relocated to a smaller flat but with balcony, I am back container gardening... hehehe. Wish you a lovely weekend! And oh, you now have a huge farm, how lovely your veggies are!!! Hopefully you have no problems with slugs.

You grow tomatoes are good and so much fruits! When I grow tomatoes not have fruits. Good work dear!

Hello @sreypov dear, the soil I used in my containers is nothing special, but it is meant for the planting of vegetables. then I add all those coffee rest and brewed tea and ground eggshell. I also add mineral water. And of course the sun is important. Nice to hear from you and thanks for the support. Lovely greetings from Vienna!

Wow your tomatoes are so so lovely, I am a bit jealous. In my garden we just have salad greens at the moment. Tomatoes soon(ish)!

Many thanks dear @libra.gardener. Lol, the tomatoes I got have had a bad start because the weather had been ugly and very cold in Spring. But I have monitored their growth and thank God they started to thrive. I am starting again another batch of salad greens and hopefully they will grow nicely like the last ones.

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