Do you do this too? 🥀

in Natural Medicine10 months ago


Hello beautiful people! How are you doing? I hope you are fine. Today I'm going to be telling you something that you might not have heard before. Those who love to grow flowers and plants at home should definitely read!

We have the habit of using the leaves of real dried flowers as a decor or as a souvenir. If the flowers that come are from someone special! But unfortunately this is an incredibly wrong move! I also keep the petals of the roses that have a special memory in my house, and even I keep many memories like this. I couldn't believe it when I found out the wrong he could do for this!

So what's wrong?

Above all, dead and dried flowers radiate death energy into the home. It also buffers the gains and there is a lot of downside with it. That's why you should definitely throw dead and faded flowers into your home and not keep them at home!


Likewise, it is said that keeping the prickly cactus plant in a home environment will have negative consequences. If you love it very much, it will be right to grow it in your garden.

I hope this information changes in your life, I am sending my love to you all. Stay with love!


Is this a feng shui belief? Where did you hear it was negative energy?

Yes negativity came home according to feng shui beliefs