Earth Day Celebration Challenge; Show Us The Ways You Care | 25 HIVE prize and 100HP Delegation For a Month!

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Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd. It is a day to celebrate the global awareness of the environmental movement. Dedicated to raising awareness of issues such as deforestation and pollution. Celebrating those efforts that look for long-term solutions for ecological sustainability.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that Earth Care is a theme that runs close to all of our hearts here in the #Naturalmedicine community. We also LOVE a good challenge which is why we decided to run the #EarthDayChallenge.

So here it is...

Below are 5 questions. You can choose to answer one or all of them, it's up to you.

Get creative with photos, poems, videos, or whatever media you wish to use.

1. What are you doing for the environment to help Mother Earth?

2. Do you have a message to tell the world about the environmental impact that Mother Earth is experiencing?

3. What are the tips and steps could you offer others, to support the care of the Earth?

4. Do you have any rituals that benefit our planet?

5. What do you think about the laws, norms, measures that your country has taken about the environment?


There is a total of 25 Hive up for grabs, the best post will win 10 Hive and 100hp delegation for one month.

** Update; We have also had a surprise donation from @nainaztengra of 20 Hive. We will adjust the winnings accordingly and announce this in the closing post.**

3 authors will also have the chance to receive 5 Hive each.

Challenge Guidelines

Until when can you participate?
We will be receiving responses until Friday 23/04/2021.

Other Guidelines:

You can make multiple posts as long as it is a different question.
Your post can be in two languages, but one of them must be in English.
The post must be published in the @NaturalMedicine community
Invite at least one user to join this initiative.
Comment on at least 5 other posts in the #naturalmedicine community
Leave your post link below in the comments of this post
Use the hashtags #EarthDayChallenge and #NATURALMEDICINE

Good posts will...

Earn upvotes from @lotusshares and @naturalmedicine
May be nominated for OCD rewards
Be included in wrap up posts with beneficiaries
May be shared on TWITTER
May be given a tip
Of course, this is dependent on the quality of the post! Do make it over 300 words, and ensure it's original too.


This challenge was created by @pavanjr and @holisticmom. We look forward to your participation and reading (or watching) your contributions.


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 2 years ago  

Excited about this one!

Me too! 😁💚

 2 years ago  


 2 years ago  


Of course! After the last challenge has been such fun, how can I not? Sure, count me in! What is the topic going to be?

 2 years ago  

In the post are the guidelines of this new Challenge that has as its center to exalt our mother Earth, you can also check this post by @pavanjr 👇

We look forward to seeing you 🤗

Thank you! So that's tomorrow, right? Perfect. I think I have something in my mind I'd like to share.

 2 years ago  

Yes, it is tomorrow. I'm writing my participation too 🤗

Voy a participar hoy. Yo sé que ya pasó el concurso pero creo muy importante que se hable estos temas no solamente un día sino siempre. Para crear consciencia y difundir el mensaje de este tema por lo menos en mis redes sociales acerca de esta temática y mis experiencias. Un saludo ;)

 2 years ago  

Así es, es un día para tener presente todos los días del año, claro que puedes hacer tu participación (no estará dentro del concurso pero puedes aportar tu granito de arena en la discusión de este tema tan importante)

Un abrazo 🤗

I hope my article will match to the topic. I wrote it for Earth Day Inspiration and saw your challenge after posting 🙈

 2 years ago  

Hello friend, nice to see you here. I look forward to your participation, you are good at this and I trust you will make good content. The concept is about Mother Earth, for the celebration of Earth Day on the 22nd of this month. :D

Activo para ello..💯

 2 years ago  


of course yes

 2 years ago  



 2 years ago  

Te esperamos!!! 🤗

Siiiiiiiiii, me encanta!!!

 2 years ago  

Maravilloso!! Te esperamos por aquí 🤗

Siempre estamos listos 🤓

 2 years ago  

Excelente! Te esperamos por aquí 🤗

Gracias por la invitación, buen tema. Saludos

 2 years ago  

Te esperamos @lisbethseijas, un abrazo 😘

claro que si.


 2 years ago  

Excelente!!! Un abrazo

Ya lo tengo casi listo, solo le doy unos pequeño retoques y lo subo. Espero que le sea de su agrado y el agrado de toda la comunidad. Gracias de antemano, igual un abrazo y mis respectos para usted y la comunidad.

 2 years ago  


Sí! Claro!Ya voy a chequear las pautas para participar.💖Gracias por ayudarme a mantener mis energías en movimiento.🙏

 2 years ago  

Así es, mantenernos activos compartiendo buenas vibras. Bendiciones ✨

Claro que sí. Gracias déjame poner mi creatividad a prender los motores👍

 2 years ago  

yeyyyyyy!!! Esperamos tu participación, un abrazo 🤗

 2 years ago  

The "Comment on at least 5 other posts in the #naturalmedicine community" needs to be a rule for every challenge. With NM's newly upped prestige, more and more folks are dumping posts looking for easy rewards with no engagement.

Posted on

 2 years ago  

Absolutely! @holisticmom

I totally agree, NM is great for community engagement and that is something that I hope all participants in the challenge or any challenge will endeavour to uphold.

As good as it is to be rewarded with extra hive, comments and appreciation can make such a difference to a person's experience here.

Thank you for highlighting this @justinparke. 🤗💚

 2 years ago  

Here's mine. Kinda reflects my mood today - I'm sure I could come up with a more positive one, I'll try! Of course, my entry doesn't count.

I love your post! So true Earth Hour means nothing unless you're doing earth hours - living an earth focussed life with every decision you make...

Great initiative and I'm really excited to make my entry. Contests like these really help me make good content and solves my biggest problem of "what to write" as I am new to #Hive. I have already invited all of my friends to participate in this great contest BTW they are also new. Hoping to see some wonderful entries 🎉. @pravilsabu @farmlife @sajith211 @arunimabiju @jinsmj03

 2 years ago  

That's awesome! So nice of you to tag others. I love challenges too!

 2 years ago  

Thanks for your entry.

This community @naturalmedicine every day surprises me much more. great initiative I hope to join I want to be part of this. there is so much to thank mother earth for all her kindness to all the beings that inhabit this great planet. Thanks @pavanjr @holisticmom #naturalmedicine

Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to your contribution to the challenge. 🌍🤗💚

I am sooo in on this challenge. We will see if I can make it just one entry...

 2 years ago  

Looking forward to it.

Hello! I wrote a little something :)

I have been loving all these posts I've been seeing!!! Amazing work EVERYONE!

 2 years ago  

You are quite prolific lately, thanks for joining.

Hey thanks man. I really enjoy writing and I really enjoy the community here on HIVE, and am loving finding all of these specific communities here on HIVE. It's given me the opportunity to explore more and write about different things. I've had some unexpected life circumstances come about recently, and HIVE has been the best way I've found to spend my time :) I'm loving it here more every day.

 2 years ago  

A very nice challenge to continue contributing to the communication and spreading of positive messages for our Mother Earth. Very good work @holisticmom. ♥

Yes, it will be lovely to read all the amazing posts.

Great work too, @pavanjr, your ideas for the questions were brilliant.
Always a pleasure working with you dear friend.

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I want to join :D

Yes! Please do, I am looking forward to your post. 🤗

thank you :D

Yes The environment is great for all people around the world and especially it provides to as food, medicine, fruit and everything is advantage of it.

Yes, our earth mother is so precious. 🌍

Count with me!!!

Lovely, I look forward to reading your entry to the challenge. 🌍🤗💚

Que cool quiero participar gracias @naturalmedicine y @miriannalis por la invitación, iniciativa excelente.

 2 years ago  

Buenísimo!!! Esperamos tu participación 🤗

Sí me ánimo, gracias por la invitación.


Buenas tardes estoy lista para este nueno concurso.

@madefrance @bettzymedina las invito a que nos veamos en esta hermosa iniciativa, celebrando el mes de nuestra madre tierra!

Hello @isabelpena I had trouble posting my reply on so I am putting it here:
I too, see every day as Earth Day, and was so very grateful that many ecosystems got a break from human pollution during the last year due to the pandemic. While humans were freaking out, the entire rest of nature was celebrating with each other, breathing and enjoying a rest from the destruction in many ways. I am hopeful that the big climate change summit happening today will be the beginning of a new era of environmental accountability, and more importantly action towards reasonable solutions to the mess we have created and find ourselves in.

Thanks for your comment @freemotherearth. Hopefully that summit brings very good news to help our mother earth that needs it so much.

@pavanjr , @holisticmom My friend @sajith211 here accidentally posted his post on OCD , This is his second post on #HIVE so he is still getting used to the community thing. Now is it Okay to cross post his post to #naturalmedicine ?

 2 years ago  

If you have already published it in one community, you may not repeat the same publication in another or in the same community. You must post something new. But you can edit the one you have already published and put the tag you want, the first tag is not changed, the others you can do it.

Okay, Thank you for your reply.

 2 years ago  

Happy to help, my friend. :)

Dear natural-medicine community i am wondering if i should enter my last post in to this challenge , It at least hit's some of the question's to post about . But it is pure fiction . i am not a member just a happy observer .
Wrote a short fiction story about something that could have happened on Earth . I just down't know if this is any good for this challenge , and if it is , witch i doubt , how do i enter , re-post it , or just tag it ?
I thank you for your time and effort ,. :-)

hi @small1axe I am really sorry for the late reply on your comment. As you posted this before the end of the challenge, I would be happy to accept a late entry from you. If you can get it done before Tuesday 27th April that would be fab.
I would advise you to write another post, using our challenge guidelines in this post and drop it in the comment section here and tag me in the comment too. It can be whatever you want, fiction, non-fiction, video, poetry etc. As long as you give a brief explanation if it's not a standard post.

Hope that helps and I am really sorry I didn't see this before. 💚🤗

Wow , I'm so excited to be a part of this great initiative . I would like to invite my friends so that they can also participate in this initiative .
@pravilsabu @arunbiju969 @farmlife

We already made our entry 😸

Here's my official entry to the challenge:
I haven't invited a user to the initiative but ... I created an entire post (and referenced the challenge) in the spirit of Earth Day Celebration Challenge for @cweet4water so I hope that counts. You can read it here:

Responding to the call of the community, I join the celebration of Earth Day, remember that no matter how small our contribution is, it is important to maintain the care and protection of our planet.

I'm so happy to be a part this challenge.
And this is my entry

I am very glad to join this beautiful challenge, thank you @holisticmom and @pavanjr. Our community, #naturalmedicine is so meaningful! Let me put my entry here:
wanna join, @trangbaby, @phuongthao98 ?😻
#EarthDayChallenge and #NATURALMEDICINE

Để em xem có hình ko, vs lại chưa biết viết gì nè. Hehee

Quay lại vườn rau là có hình liền ^^

Excelente y hermoso forma de celebrar el día de la tierra, con un mensaje a la conciencia.

Mi mensaje...

Here's my entry for this challenge. I've been reading some posts about it and they're really good.

hi @naturalmedicine,@pavanjr and @holisticmomI look forward to your visit for my publication in this challenge here my participation

Thank you my friends, @naturalmedicine for this opportunity I hope you like it this is my participation inEarth Day Celebration Challenge

 2 years ago  

Bienvenida Yolithy, encantado de tenerte con nosotros. Por cierto, leí tu publicación y es espectacular. :D

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