Thank you for the shout out. 🙏💙

 3 years ago  

You are welcome. Your videos are awesome.

 3 years ago  

Thank you very much for the mention in this post, it is an honor. I'm here to help. All the colleagues mentioned here have some really great posts. Many hugs.

 3 years ago  

You are welcome. Your horoscopes are so good!!

 3 years ago  

Much love for these colleagues who make excellent articles and transmit that positive vibration for and with the community. I enjoy his writings and will always support them because they never fail to make us see the world in the best light. Everyone is doing a beautiful job to feed this beautiful community. We follow! <3

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Feedback from the September 1st Hive Power Up Day

Great post and very engaging. This virus sure is polarizing that’s for sure, can I be Switzerland? I believe in modern medicine to a point but have always found vaccines controversial. Is there a point where we just say, hey, we fucked up, we overpopulated the planet, here comes reckoning.

I feel extremely overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of viruses, let alone an appropriate political reaction or lack thereof. The only opinion I have is that this thing would never have existed on a 2 billion People or less planet. It is the byproduct of the environment as we affected it in the very signature of its genetic evolution and as such, displays mutations habilitating it to put us in our place. We are not at the top of the food chain, never were.

The last 2000 have been unusually quiet on a climatic level, permitting our technological advances (and hubris) but this is not the norm, earth is not generally that hospitable.

Thank you @trucklife-family for inspiring these philosophical musings, I respect your position very much, my sister shares your concerns about our bodily autonomy.

@riverflows You are awesome for nurturing the budding talent here, I rather enjoy cut and paste because it’s like a taster of amazing blogs I may not have time to read!

 3 years ago  

Beautifully put together, I am loving the new "Lotus Love" curation idea.

Thank you so much! it's a pleasure for me to belong to this community. I will take a tour of the posts of my colleagues

Great to see some growth again hopefully we can start building this community globally again 💯🐒

I'm happy to see your curation efforts evolve positively, which is how everything improves. We should always be asking ourselves how we can improve, because perfection on this plane is impossible and stagnation makes everything dull.

Curation definitely has its place here and I hope to see other Communities evolve their efforts as well.

 3 years ago  

Wonderful to be spreading some Lotus Love! Great style of curating and it bought to my attention some wonderful posts. Thanks for doing this, benefiting in many ways the Hive community!

 3 years ago  

Ain't that the truth. The more we willingly give love the easier it gets. It's a practice worth doing.