Pear-Butter, Austrian Goulash, Roasted Tomato Soup, Raspberry Pie & More!

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@JustinParke here again with a curation of Hive's finest #plantbased recipes. @Sreypov and I have been making a point to use this tag lately, but haven't seen it get traction on #naturalmedicine yet.

     There wasn't exactly an abundance of #vegan and #plantbased recipes this week, but I managed to find some delicious creations to share with you all. I must admit I am biased towards South and Southeast Asian flavors, but this week's curation is solely western foods, although not intentionally.

     There are some familiar faces this week, @plantstoplanks, @larka, and @carolynstahl, all with the quality recipe posts I've come to expect from these awesome chefs. I reached beyond and found @libbi's delicious raspberry pie. I'm unsure if she's familiar with the Natural Medicine Community, but she will be after this curation appreciation.

     The farthest east we went this week was via @larka's baked falafel, and @mers surprised me with some Austrian vegan goulash, something I wasn't expecting to see this week. Well, anything with massive amounts of paprika powder suits me just fine.

     The winner of this week's beneficiary is @plantstoplanks, because she took me back to my roots with her pear butter. I could hear the horse and buggies as arriving as I envisioned a full Amish breakfast spread on the table, a #plantbased one of course.


     My daughter Srey-Yuu (@KidSisters) was recently featured again on Suriname national television, but this time not for her Hive blog, but her #plantbased cooking skills. She prepared Lok-Lak, a traditional Cambodian dish. Have a look if you have time, it's a delicious dish that's really easy to prepare.

A side note - you may have noticed that we've moved from @lotusshares to @naturalmedicine, and Plant Based will be replacing Earth Healing. Earth healing topics will still be supported, of course, so keep using the tags #ecotrain and #naturalmedicine for any content that nourishes and supports our beautiful planet!


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Pears, Pears, and more Pears! {Pressure Cooker Pear Butter}
by: @plantstoplanks

     Chances are if you know anything about Amish people, you know they make awesome apple butter and rocking chairs. I grew up in southern Indiana on a popcorn farm, surrounded by Amish influence and culture, and needless to say "apple butter."

     A slightly more exotic cousin to the well-known apple butter is "pear butter," and @plantstoplanks cooked up a delicious but simple pear butter recipe in her pressure cooker. Her recipe looks so delicious, I bet she could sell it in Amish country without getting shunned, even though she broke the rules by using dates instead of copious amounts of white sugar.


Vegan burger from lentils, mung beans and mushrooms
by: @carolynstahl

     @carolynstahl is not the only that missed the deadline of @Qurator's burger contest, as I myself had one I intended to share, but just couldn't find the time. This Hiver has been working hard and found herself with a little less Hive time than before, but still managed to share this #plantbased burger gem with us.

     It might be too late for the competition, but it's not too late to be curated and salivated over by me. We haven't been able to get fresh buns for 5 days, so our burger dreams are on hold for now as I admire this creation. Her photography is just as awesome as her recipes, so go show her some love.


Tray with lentil falafe, pico de gallo salad, cabbage and pita bread 🌯🥗🌱
by: @larka

     @larka is back, and I've now learned to keep my eyes on her posts because I never know what surprise she is going to share. This time she made some baked falafels to pair up with some fresh pico and pita bread, blending some awesome flavors from different continents on one plate.

     She always creates simple but delicious recipes with easy-to-follow instructions and photos that demonstrate the preparation techniques very clearly. Now I'm craving a Venezuelan falafel plate, perhaps @larka can slingshot one over Guyana to Suriname for me.


Vegan Raspberry Pie
by: @libbi

     I generally do my curating within the frontend or the Natural Medicine Community, searching the #plantbased and #vegan tags for exceptional posts, but recipes have not be so plentiful lately, so I launched out to the greater Hive-iverse to see if there were any gems missing the #naturalmedicine tag, and I found this treat.

     @libbi made a delectable raspberry pie, and although I'm not generally a sweet-tooth, I had a craving for this slim red beauty. I haven't seen a raspberry in years, a fruit one must give up to live in the tropics. This pie had me missing North American flavors, just like @plantstoplanks' pear butter.


Vegan Fisolen Gulasch (Green Beans Gulasch) + Vegan Semmel Knödel - Austrian Dish Series #1
by: @mers

     I really am outside my comfort zone this week, not one South or Southeast Asian recipe this week. @mers has completely surprised me with a Austrian vegan green-bean goulash. I must admit I'm familiar with German, Hungarian, and even a bit of Swiss cuisine, but I know nothing of Austrian cuisine.

     I typically think of meat and Hungary when I think of goulash, but was delighted to see a #plantbased goulash, a dish which I always expect to see paprika, one of my favorite spices. I would prefer to eat this dish in a mountaintop cabin after enjoying a day of snow-skiing. Hey, a guy can dream can't he?


Toasted Tomato Soup 🍅🍅🍅
by: @proanima

     Tomato soup is one of my all-time favorites, especially if there is some stale bread lying around to compliment it. It can be a boring soup if you don't spice it up or do something special though.

     @proanima gave this tomato soup a kick by roasting the tomatoes in the oven before pureeing and using to make her soup. I often pan-roast veggies before use in many Indian-style dishes, something that gives nearly any dish another dimension. You could easily leave out the cream and can keep this recipe completely #plantbased.

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Thanks for featuring my post/recipe here @justinparke.. yeah, sweet paprika is often used in the austrian cuisine which is of course influenced by the Hungarian cookings. Congratulations to the lovely recipes shared here that uses plantbased ingredients. Cheers!

It is my pleasure @mers. You can't go wrong with paprika. I always assumed there would be some Hungarian influences in Austrian cuisine, but have never personally eaten at an Austrian restaurant nor had an Austrian friend cook for me, so it would have been an uneducated assumption. Looking forward to more Austrian #plantbased recipes. !ENGAGE 25

Thank you for the tokens. I´ll try my best to present my austrian #plantbased dishes..Cheers!

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I think I probably also broke the Amish rules by using an electric pressure cooker, haha. But I would be willing to be they'd forgive me with how good it tastes. ;) Thanks for including my post and for choosing me as beneficiary of this wonderful roundup. Lots of goods to sample around the Hive community!

My pleasure @plantstoplanks.

Hey, the Amish are a tricky bunch. They built our house when I was a kid using only pneumatic tools due to the electricity schism. Funny thing is the pneumatic tools were powered by electricity, so I think we can make a pass for your pear butter recipe. !ENGAGE 30

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It's an honor to have been included. Thank you for your kind words!

It would be an honor to eat your #plantbased burger. Keep the yummy creations coming.... !ENGAGE 10

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These are food looks like delicious.

Yes, there are now many good #plantbased recipes appearing on Hive and NM. !ENGAGE 5

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