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RE: Ayahuasca ๐ŸŒฑ The Experience to Healing Your Soul

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I've been to many Ayahuasca ceremonies. I totally recommend them if you feel the calling, it's best to delve into those issues through personal experience. Should you ever need a therapy with ancestral plants, make sure you do it with a trained spiritual guide and in a proper ceremonial context. Never try this on your own!

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Thank you @drrune! Have you been as spectator or as participant? And what was your experience? If you mind sharing of course.

make sure you do it with a trained spiritual guide and in a proper ceremonial context. Never try this on your own!

Yes, if I ever do the ceremony I will be sure to do it properly. Probably through and with that same friend that initially told me about it.

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There are no spectators in ceremonies of this kind. If you attend one, it must be as a participant. The experience has been profoundly life-changing and revealing in every way, each ceremony has prepared me for a new depth of self-study. The plant facilitates many things that we consider impossible until we've taken it and undergone the rituals. I've also attended ceremonies of other ancestral plants and currently make my own rituals involving cannabis, which is a sacred plant in its own right and can be used to excellent effect for personal study, particularly with regards to emotions.

Sounds like you've had quite the journey already. I am probably still at the beginning. As I want to discover the rest on my own, I won't ask what "many things" it facilitates, but it does raise my interest even more. It's too bad how all these wonderful natural resources have been stigmatized by the system we live in.