Ten Indonesian Medicinal Plants: Challenge Open to All HIVE!

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We have been LOVING the natural medicine content from Indonesian users on HIVE! From ancestral plants to cooking, to meditation and gardening, we're seeing the BEST Indonesia has to offer on the wellness and plant medicine theme! These challenges are to help spread the word and bring support for Indonesian users of the #naturalmedicine tag and of course the #lotusindonesia tag!

However, this fortnight (until the 17th of May) we're doing something slightly different! You need to choose one of the following ten herbs and write a post about it! We have two sets of HIVE prizes - the first prize of 25 HIVE will be to an Indonesian user only, and the second prize of 15 HIVE will be for non-Indonesians. Depending on quality and amount of entries, we might offer more HIVE. If you are an Indonesian speaker, head over to @lotusindonesia for an Indonesia translation of this post, brought to you by @anggreklestari!
  • Turmeric or Java turmeric (yes, they are different!)
  • Ginger - any variety, but be specific about the one you choose
  • Tamarind
  • Cloves
  • Kaffir Lime
  • Pandan
  • Cummin
  • Galangal
  • Nutmeg
  • One Indonesian plant of YOUR choice


**Please don't simply copy information we can easily search on the internet!!! And try searching via Hive Searcher for other posts about this plant, as we'd love to read something DIFFERENT and unique!

Post Ideas

  • How might your chosen herb be used in beauty or spa treatments?
  • How did your grandparents use this traditional herb or plant?
  • Experiment with this herb as a recipe for the first time
  • If you've visited Indonesia as a traveller, explain your experience meeting this particular medicine or plant
  • Write a healthy recipe using one or more of these plants
  • Experiment with cooking an Indonesian #plantbased dish for the first time - you could even enter it in the @naturalmedicine Plant Based challenge for that week for @justinparke to curate!
  • Do you grow this plant? Explain #gardenjournal

We Prefer

  • Original content
  • Clear, original photos (please no more than FIVE)
  • Original stories
  • Well formatted posts

A Few More Rules

  • Use the tag #lotusindonesia and post in Natural Medicine community OR www.naturalmedicine.io
  • Reblog and upvote this post
  • Comment on at least FIVE other posts in the Natural Medicine community AND particularly using #lotusindonesia tag
  • Invite two other users to join in
  • Paste your entry underneath THIS post.

Due Date & Prizes

  • Last entries by 5 pm Indonesia time, 17th May
  • We may have ONE winner or share amongst a few winners, depending on how many we get and the quality. Challenge may be extended if not enough entries in the first two weeks
  • Excellent posts may be nominated for OCD votes
  • We will reblog good content with @lotusindonesia, and @naturalmedicine, @uplotus and @lotushares might also upvote/reblog your work for more exposure.
  • Tips may be given by @naturalmedicine for excellent content.


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hi community, I have tried to write something about How to use Lime for Facial Skin Beauty Care, here is my post link:
hopefully it meets the requirements to complete the challenge this time. thank you community.

 last year  

Very cool, thanks for joining this challenge. !ENGAE 15

Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

thank you for the support, you are amazing ❤️
don't forget to read it,
so that the posts I write become more useful for many people.

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Very cool challenge, @Sreypov would be interested in this because Indonesia and Cambodia have similar plants.

Posted on NaturalMedicine.io

I put the second link of my post here as a requirement to take part in this challenge :
Congratulations on reading, hopefully useful.

Ide yang sangat bagus, saya akan mencobanya untuk menulis sesuatu tentang tanaman tersebut.

Kontes yang sangat bagus dan baik untuk masyarakat Indonesia, saya akan mencobanya.

Can i write/post about chillies🤔😊please reply😍

 last year  

Yes, @roshan77