The Manly Man Plant Based Challenge: Win LOTUS, BRO Tokens & 50 HIVE!

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Ah, we just can't resist. We're running TWO challenges for the month of November (read about the other one here) as well as continuing our #mentalhealthawareness encouragement project where you earn more stars on your Hive.Buzz badge. Are we gluttons for punisment or what?


Well - we might be gluttons - because we're super keen to read your delicious plant based inspired recipes, this time around the theme of MANLY MEALS. And if you don't want to cook or share a recipe, there's plenty of other options to write about too!

Why? Because @raymondspeaks from the Man Cave invited @riverflows to the cave, where @justinparke thought - hmmm - wouldn't a Natural Medicine/Man Cave collab be fun? What about a manly man plant based challenge? Because you know that old meme that if you are vegetarian or vegan, you clearly don't have balls? Well, something like that. All those myths that eschewing meat makes you less virile, less strong, less - MAN. Pfft. Just ask this guy:

Vegan Strong Man, Patrick Baboumian

So this challenge is about putting this myth to the test. Here's a few ideas to get you going - you could choose one, or come up with your own angle. We're happy to have vegan or vegetarian posts, it's up to you - and you can enter as many times as you like for the rest of the month.
  • What's been your personal experience as a man who doesn't eat meat? Have you had to fend off jokes, jibes and jabber about your manliness? How do you respond to them?
  • Is there any truth to the meat and virility myth?
  • What's the manliness plant based meal you can think of? Is it fake meat in a fake blood burger, or is it all carbs and cheese? Barbecued and smoky, or just lots of it?
  • Check out the arguments against male athletes on plant based diets and SMASH them to pieces!
  • Cook a meal for a meat eating male lover/friend/partner/colleague and write about their response/or reaction
  • What plant based foods are supportive of men's physical and mental health?
  • As a man, what's your experience with plant based eating?
  • Refute all the arguments for being a plant based man & play the devil's advocate!

What you can Win!

  • 50 HIVE to the ultimate winner
  • 100 BRO TOKENS
  • 200 LOTUS
  • A feature and part beneficiary in any of the many curations @naturalmedicine puts out each week, including Thursday's #plantbased curation
  • Your post tweeted
  • Tips for extra special posts
  • Upvotes by Man Cave crew with staked LOTUS (just drop your link in their Discord in the #lotuscorner channel)
  • Reblogs by @naturalmedicine, @lotusshares and @uplotus

Conditions of Entry

  • 500 words minimum
  • Original photos or sourced images
  • Original content
  • Posting in Natural Medicine community, second tag #mancave, followed by any other tag you like (first 5 are always HIVE based, other 5 are good to be found outside HIVE - try #plantbased #vegan #health #wellness)
  • Drop the link to your post under this one so we can find it!
  • Reblog this challenge or any of the #plantbased curation posts by @naturalmedicine this month.

We'll be awarding the winners in the first week of December. You can enter as many times as you like - and have fun!


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Hi @riverflows, I just spotted this post as I was scrolling down my feeds and read it with interest.

You might remember that I've divulged a wee bit about my present and past within the fitness community, going back many years. In some of those short writings, I mentioned that I've weight trained successfully switching to an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, years ago.

I'm going to begin a piece with intentions of publishing for @naturalmedicine 's "challenge" described here, solely to possibly act as encouragement for others to enter or continue their quest for a healthier life, through exercise and good dietary choices.

You may know from some recent posts, that I have a sister going through a serious medical emergency. This... along with the state of fraud and unrest within our government, reaching a peak, I HOPE my energy levels and clearness of mind, allows me to finish the article.



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Gosh, I have really missed a heck of a lot here, did not even know that there was a Man Cave here on Hive;)
Will see what I can rustle up; am feeding burly young men who mostly are meat eaters here in our bnb and there is one vegetarian, so will look at making a proper vegan dish!


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Do not get me wrong, veggies are good for you but I just need some meat in my diet.

Absolutely!!! We aren't fans of judgement, and we totally embrace your viewpoint and would love to hear it in response to this question! Not all people do well without meat, and we totally recognise it's not a diet that suits everyone. As long as you're making conscious choices, we're totally good with that!


I will have to put some thought into this and work to get my response out soon then.

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 19 days ago 

Just shared the link in the ManCave Discord, this is going to be a game changer!! !tan

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 19 days ago 

Looking forward to this one! Of course I'll put something out there, but more excited to see some new folks perhaps join in with a little something. :)

Awesome! I hope so!

I'm not a vegan, so I'll just enjoy the wonderful articles from my peers! <3

You don't have to be! You can write about why you chose NOT to be a vegan !

Oh, perfect, then let's get to work! Thank you!

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 14 days ago 

Well I decided to join in so here it is my post to the manly man plant based competition.

 9 days ago 

Better late than nothing at all I guess, but I've been too rushed to make a recipe post, and as we are getting married tomorrow, we may find ourselves too busy to make a proper submission before this challenge is over. Thanks @riverflows and @raymondspeaks for putting this together!!

💪 A Random Ramble For The Manly Man PlantBased Challenge 🥦


Yay I got my arse in gear and made a post. This is what I made for my US Thanksgiving meal: sweet potato knish! :)