Overcoming A Psychopathic Society | A Documentary Recommendation (feat. "I Am Fishead")


If we take a look around today it certainly looks like the world has gone psychopath. Full-blown insane. And maybe it can only become apparent through the stark contrast to the world we had all gotten used to before this newest pandemic scare hit the world stage two years ago. Things were really messed up then but wow how much more chaotic things have gotten, how fragile our current state of society seems and how unable most of us feel to get away from this audacious encroachment on any and all aspects of modern human life in this era of madness.

In comparison we might smile about it today but back then, in 2008, there was a near-collapse of the financial system and a lot of people got hurt by it. Many lost everything and few gained most of it. Same old story.

This among other atrocities of the mostly centralized system of power in our age has spawned a new interest in finding just how did we end up in this mess to begin with? How can things derail so much and is it really inevitable that human systems only ever serve an invisible minority in the end rather than the broad base of the population?

How can a society of decent human beings who strive for happiness end up creating a system of immense oppression and large-scale fraud like we see and have seen in past decades?

While there are many angles to this, I feel there are only a few cases with enough logic behind them to refer other people to. One such case with merit crossed my path again very recently and when I rewatched if after almost a decade I knew I wanted to share it with you all - an underground documentary from 2011 that will keep you surprised to the very end and will spark a ton of empowering and radically paradigm-busting thought processes as you dive in:


"Please tell me why I should watch something about a fishead!"

As you might have guessed this is an analogy the film keeps making.

An analogy to what? An analogy to the question of how society operates, and what we as participants in human society have to do with it. If we do have anything to do with it at all...

The documentary analyzes a peculiar facet of human existence that is widely known but little understood:

Psychopathy & psychopaths.

What is a psychopath? Many might say they know but are unable to put their finger on it. What makes a psychopath, why do I have to be conscious of psychopaths behavior today and what does all of this have to do with our modern society, myself and a fishead?

I could tell you but we all know how spoilers can ruin the best of media experiences. And so let me just tell you again that this independent documentary is not only massively worth your time and ultra-relevant to the messed up times we are living in - it might just give you the tools you need to empower yourself and the people in your life to help overcome the modern state of tyranny.

While it may initially seem like the movie wants to indoctrinate you into a particular worldview you will find that the more it goes on the broader the implications of its content become.

The movie is integral in that it does what it preaches, it is powerful in that it will leave you uplifted and inspired, and - very fundamentally speaking - it's just a damn good film with awesome soundtrack, smart narration, engaging interviewees and many tidbits of psychology we seldom hear about out there in controlled mainstream media land.

If you love to dive into radical but well-argued educational rabbit holes regarding the state of our world and how to maybe find a way out of this mess; if you feel you could use a spiritual uplift in times of ever expanding lockdowns and curtailments of freedom or if you just want to enjoy a damn interesting movie to get away from it all for 90 minutes and maybe even learn something along the way:

Look no further than this documentary. It comes highly recommended.

You can also go to the movie's official website if you want to be a bit more spoilered: http://www.fisheadmovie.com/about


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How can a society of decent human beings who strive for happiness end up creating a system of immense oppression and large-scale fraud like we see and have seen in past decades?

They are not all decent and it seems the few that make it to the top elite are either driven by their internal psychopathy or are born into it and conditioned to be sociopaths from birth.

yes. but then the vast majority of people I have ever met are decent. they are just passive and so the very few psychopaths can steer the ship and take it over. which is one of the points the film makes so eloquently.
blessings to you dude, hope you're doing alright down south

Many thanks for the blessings, yes doing very well here on the edge of the dark continent. Indeed most people are decent, as you say.

Great post boss and I had a great time going through it

thanks a ton. watch the film, it will be super worth your time ;)