The need for spiritual maturity...

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All people should strive for maturity in their lives...


Maturity does not come when one becomes an adult, when one reaches chronological age. Maturity comes with spiritual maturity; there is no set age for it. Maturity is expressed through the whole being: a person who constantly seeks his own self, who knows and accepts all his qualities, good and bad, without avoiding the eternal struggle for improvement.

A person who does not want to live a character, but who creates his own personality, who seeks himself and all the light that is in him. Only this encounter can bring the necessary harmony and balance in all relationships, both with oneself and with the world.

Only when one feels complete can one unleash one's full potential, recognize and utilize all the noble virtues. The starting point is our own difficulties. By recognizing them, we immediately become more generous to the world. In understanding our difficulties, we find the seeds of humility and compassion, virtues necessary to face ourselves, for other virtues to flourish and for life to be understood.


It is necessary to know oneself in order to understand the world.

Without this knowledge, it is impossible to understand others and to enjoy the beauty that each one of us carries within us. Without self-knowledge, the benefits of relationships are lost in the channels of existence.

A person who does not know himself is as fragmented as a jigsaw puzzle. He has the feeling that nothing fits, that there are too many or too few pieces missing. Then the parts, isolated and lost, strive for unity, which is only possible through understanding the whole. You are the whole; the whole is within you, waiting to be reunited. Only by putting the pieces together can we reflect the totality of who we are. The joy of life lies in assembling each part of ourselves into the perfect work of art that awaits us when we put the pieces together.

The fragmented person automatically lives in one of many social roles without understanding who he or she really is. Because he lacks a formed identity, he tends to see the other as flawed, whether he is aware of it or not, but is unwilling to confront. Even if she doesn't want to admit it, it makes her feel deeply uncomfortable. It then requires the other person to cover up his or her own difficulties. It ends up not appreciating all the good that exists because of the need to emphasize the bad that exists. Running away from oneself becomes very painful because it creates the vice of feeding on the faults of others, just as vampires in literature need blood to survive.


The other is the other, in his own way, with his pains and joys, at the edge of his conscience and at the edge of his heart.

You can and should impose limits, but not changes. Work with your transformation as an evolutionary lever. Help when someone asks you to, but never become demanding, that is domination, the opposite of freedom and love. While we remain divided, we actually get frustrated when someone else makes a choice that does not suit us, i.e., deep down we hold others responsible for our dissatisfaction. Happiness, together with love, freedom, peace and dignity, make up the five states of fulfillment called wholeness.

The responsibility for achieving wholeness now rests with you, me and each of us, because it is found nowhere else but in ourselves. To depend on another person to love, to be free, to be worthy, to be happy or to live in peace shows a fragmented personality, an immature person who does not yet know who he or she is.

So go to the pain that bothers you, look for its essence, the feelings and shadows that feed it; know yourself, mature in the practice of virtues, they are the tools of life. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life and find the whole. Become whole. Don't doubt yourself, you have everything you need inside you. Learn, change, share the best of yourself and move on. Embrace maturity, it gives you a shield and wings!!

I can only see beauty in others when I find it in myself.




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Loved this one.
Unless you have found wholeness of spirit souls and body life is one long struggle.
The internal struggles tear you apart each day until you are torn and tattered .. seek to unify yourself as a person.
Lovely message.