The Fullness of Emptiness.

in Natural Medicine4 months ago (edited)

My mom used to say, emptiness is not an empty thing.

And I believe this.

I found that most of the time, our mind goes through a lot and blocks some paths, so we feel empty inside. But it doesn't mean we ought to lose the purpose and meaning of life. It's a short-term thing, not anything permanent though it makes us feel that empty feeling will never go away.


It's true that if this empty feeling doesn't go away in a period of time then it might be a mental health concern. But I feel like, if we get the right environment and understanding of our emotions then it's possible to overcome this in a short period.

I found that emptiness brings something exciting sometimes. It's like an empty canvas of mind. We can write, create something new from our empty feeling. It's totally possible to come back with a lot more productivity, energy, hope for life.

But to do that, believing, understanding are necessary.

Emptiness is an opportunity to step back and view the world clearly.

If you focus on this, you will see a lot of things are becoming clear to you. Sometimes it's necessary to swap out all the feelings and feel something new. In this way, we can overcome our bias thoughts, perspectives of life. Also, when emptiness comes after achieving something or losing something, it gives us a new understanding of life. We create new meaning, look for new hope to live.


Also, if we think from a spiritual and healing perspective; emptiness is necessary.

Without letting go of our emotions we can't fill our hearts with something new, we can't heal ourselves. It can be a good way of letting go of our anxiousness, stress, negative thoughts about life and make ourselves empty. Then we can refill our hearts with some positive thoughts.

My words may sound silly or not useful to you. But believe me, I found myself more hardworking, focused, devoted, productive after passing an emptiness phase. It gave me new meaning, emotions, thoughts, goals, and understanding about life.

And I believe, if you also can think positively about emptiness, don't fear about it, confront it and let yourself feel it; you can also overcome the negative part of emptiness and make room for new meaning and hope for your life ahead.

That's the fullness of emptiness.

What do you think?



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For me, there is a vessel that contains the feeling of emptiness. If you obsever emptiness, it does not appear out of «nothing», but from somewhere in us- that is not empty. At least for me 😅

That's a good point. Thanks for bringing this in.