Crystals & Cards | Oracle Card Reading | Week of August 7th, 2022

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In the weekly card reading for August 7th, 2022, things have been a little wonky in the world lately & it seems to show no signs of stopping. Aside from our own personal life journey, our way of life as we know it is changing at a rapid rate...

But instead of allowing fear to take over, we are in a prime time of self empowerment as we continue to work on ourselves. We are healing ourselves from within & it is starting to show in our outer reality...

As the intensity is being felt by all of us (even subconsciously), the Universe has a LOT to say in this week's is a little longer than normal due to an energy message that came through in regards to Lions Gate on the 8th & some vital information we all need to know...

So, grab your beverage & join me, whether it's in Live Chat or the recording ... which card resonates for you the most? Let me know in the comment below ;)

As always, your time & support is always appreciated! Namaste 💚✨

Time Stamp:

00:00 Intro
00:47 Energy Reading for the Collective | New Reality
03:44 Lions Gate Portal
04:56 Card Reading Set Up
05:51 First Card
09:38 Second Card
13:54 Third Card
17:29 Last Look & Close ✨

See what this weekly oracle card reading says here. We do a one card draw to give a sense of direction for this upcoming week. *Take what resonates for you & discard the rest.


🧚🏼‍♀️ Deck Used: Oracle Of The Fairies - Karen Kay
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