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RE: How My Yogic Journey Began And Impacted My Life

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Oh I do love reading yours and @riverflows accounts of your journeys! I keep trying to get into yoga, but I sometimes I try too hard, if that makes sense? I think I've realized I don't love classes at the moment because an hour or 90 minute class just seems to long. I feel the same way about meditation. 30 minutes just feels right, but perhaps given time I will slowly work my way up to longer sessions.

I feel like I also become more in tune with my body as I age. I'm still learning to listen, but I definitely am more connected with how the things I do and what I consume impacts my health and wellness. As opposed to some of the women I know, I am really enjoying getting older because of that. What's a few wrinkles when you can know yourself more fully and intimately? I do think yoga would fill a missing piece of the puzzle if I can figure out how to fit it in with everything else I enjoy doing for self care, haha!


Yes, you don't need to do an hour or 90 minutes of practice. Sometimes I tell myself I'll just do yoga for 15 minutes, 10 even, just one restorative asana that I can relax into for 10 minutes.

Haha yes, I guess it comes with age, the connectedness to my body. I really don't want to get older though I have to admit, I struggle a bit with that fact. Not because of wrinkles though 😉

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Hhmmm, perhaps that's a good topic for another @naturalmedicine challenge--the positives and negatives of getting older, and how we do our best to embrace them (or fend them off) haha.