My new back garden is back on track

After a severe flash flood, my house has been under repair for almost 2 years now. Our backyard has been fixed and the garden has now recovered, there is still a bit of maintenance and cleaning work to do but we have started to harvest some food already.

If you are curious and want to see the evolution, here is the previous post when we started replanting the garden: Replanting the backyard after big renovations

My son has planted this cabbage and it's growing nice. We'll harvest it soon before it gets too old.

My wife succulents are spreading nicely too but we need to spend some time to remove the weeds that has popped between them. It's a lot of work but it will become worse if we don't do it now.

On the side of the house, after the reconstruction, we left a strip of soil to plant and here s a mixture of Lolot (Piper sarmentosum), Vietnamese mint and fish mint.

Here is what we call "lá cẩm" (Magenta plant), when cooked, it gives a purple color. We use it to give color to sticky rice to make sweet deserts.
Magenta plant

Further up is some mint in the foreground with a Yacón we thought have died but suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
Mint and yacón

On the left is a red chili plant and on the right is a comfrey that loved being planted directly in the ground instead of the pot it used to be.
Chili and Comfrey

"Lá gai" is another vietnamese plant used for making sticky cake, the leaves are dried then turned into powder and cooked with other ingredients such as glutinous rice flour and tapioca starch. They give the cake a very dark green color.
Lá gai

Here is the Aji Amarillo, Peruvian chili. They are taste like a mix between chili and capsicum. Fruity and sweet flesh and spicy core. During last summer, the Aji were getting weak but have recovered nicely since I planted them in the ground with some good addition of vermicompost and seaweed fertiliser.
Aji Amarillo

The sunshine chili are also thriving and are already fruiting abundantly.
Sunshine Chili

I planted a tropical lettuce a while back and this one just popped back up here. They are great for eating in a stir fry or raw.
Tropical lettuce

We had to sell our two mulberry plants in order to rip off and reconstruct the backyard after the flood but we kept one and replanted it here. It won't be fruiting a lot this year but I expect a good harvest next year. We're not sure if we're going to plant the banana plants though. Might just sell them.
Mulberry and banana

Here is our precious black turmeric. Used mainly for its medicinal properties. If I had more land I would grow much more and sell them since they are quite sought after.
Black turmeric

In the foreground are a bed of purple perilla almost covering a small curry leaves plant.
Curry plant and purple perilla

"Hoàn Ngọc" (Pseuderanthemum palatiferum) is the Vietnamese superfood / supermedicinal plant. There are claims that it can treat so many ailments. Can be eat raw.
Cây Hoàn Ngọc, Pseuderanthemum palatiferum

I don't think you need an introduction to the Oregano, it's a very popular herb. It loves its spot in new the garden bed.

In random order you have lemongrass, beet, kefir lime, ginger and taro, most of which are in a grow bag.
Various garden plants

Our lemon balm are kept in a pot, I'm not sure whether I'll leave it in the pot or transfer it to the ground yet. Will decide soon.
Lemon balm

At the garden entrance, we planted some lavender and jade plant. Hopefully the jade plant will grow tall soon enough or else the lavender will cover it if we don't trim it lol.
Lavender and Jade plant

On the other side some succulents were planted to make a nice little wall.

Finally, our good old Dwarf Tahitian lime is still strong.
Dwarf Tahitian Lime

It's giving us fruits all year long.
Tahitian Lime

However, this year we are having an invasion of stink bugs. I tried diatomaceous earth and also Pyrethrum but nothing kills them. I'll have to do some manual removal 🤢
Stink bugs

We are happy the plants are thriving in the new backyard and are looking forward for some more harvest.


Heyyyy looking great! You guys back in the office yet?

Hello! My team will probably never go back to the office. There have been changes and the whole company is split into three groups:

  • those who have to be in the office (security, broadcast etc…)
  • the hybrids who will work partially in the office and from home
  • and those who don’t need to be in the office and will would work indefinitely from home unless they want to work in the office and apply for it

Oh shame then I guess we won't be able to bump into each other for a VERY long time ....

But its great you can wfh for as long as you can .... can't complain with that :D

Yea it has its pros and cons but so far it’s been good

vườn nhà anh Huy có nhiều thứ quá, có cả lá gai nữa, ngày trước cây này nhiều bà em hay dùng để làm bánh ít lá gai. giờ ở quê em ít thấy, không còn nhiều nữa.

BX anh cũng hay làm bánh ít lá gai nên tụi anh mơi trồng. Nghe nói cũng lam thuốc gì luôn đó

Dạ đúng rồi, nó tốt cho phụ nữ. Với cả tốt cho những người có chứng cao huyết áp. Bà xã anh đảm đang quá 😊

 last year  

Wow @quochuy Everything's going great guns! Great to see it all happening again - and such amazing variety too. I did enjoy yakon chips last year but they did make me fart ahaha!!! Hey you might like to post in The Hive Garden and use the #gardenjournal tag - all us gardeners are hanging out there now. Add this to the challenge for this month (see my blog) - it's awesome!

Oh, it's a new community I didn't know about. Thanks. I'll cross-post this one for now. Yea Yacon has certain effects :-D

 last year  

It's good, a dedicated community just for gardening, me and @minismallholding have been trying to grow it into a home for gardeners and it's steadily becoming something really nice!

I would like to suggest you a mighty pomegranate to plant in this garden. This fruit has a really beautiful appearance. 😀
Also, I'm not sure that's the exact name of this fruit in English, but I guess that's the name. "mighty pomegranate"
I just looked for old photos on my phone, but I couldn't find a photo of the mighty pomegranate we grew on the balcony. I think those photos were deleted. The mighty pomegranate fruit only in summer and dies in winter. That's why I can't go to the balcony and take pictures right now. 😊

My parents used to grow pomegranate. I used to eat it when I was a kid. For our garden, we avoid planting trees because of space. We do more of veggies and small bushes rather than trees.

Nhin vườn xanh mướt luôn anh. Cậu con trai nhà anh có tay trồng rau củ quả, cabbage nhìn thích quá 😍

Nó trồng nhưng ba mẹ nó phải chăm sóc cho cây 😅

That's a crazy good garden! I want to make hot sauce now.

You’ve got a really impressive collection of plant-life growing there! I had a small garden of peppers and tomatoes at my last house…it resulted in like a gallon of salsa every year :)

I miss that, and you’ve inspired me to bring it back! Currently I do have a couple cool things growing, my favorites are my sage, rosemary, and wormwood. The safe I use to make smudge sticks, the rosemary I also burn for cleansing, and the wormwood I use to make a thujone tincture.

Thanks for sharing this, I may try to follow suit once the weather favors my plants again next year :)

Oh that sounds great. Would be good to see some of your recipes

có tía tô thì thiếu kinh giới,ngải cứu,lá lốt cho đủ bộ a ơi

Lá lốt có, hình chụp xa quá nên ko thấy.
Có rau răm và rau diếp cá nữa.
Thiếu kinh giới và ngải cứu

Tính ra người Việt bên nước ngoài khu vườn lại đa dạng rau với gia vị hơn

Vì mây loại này đi chợ tây ko có, mà muốn đi chợ việt thì phải lái xe 85km mới tới cho nên trồng được thì tiện hơn rẻ hơn

Your garden is magnificent! It's recovered beautifully. A real treat to read this post. :))

It has indeed. The good thing is when we ripped off the backyard to reconstruct, the soil has been turned so it’s less compacted now. We also added a layer of compost before planting and adding wood chips.

Planting your own food is important these days , most especially now that we have impossible foods being pushed by global elite

yes, having a healthy productive garden is important. More and more veggies you buy in shops are chemical grown and don't have taste and are not super healthy

Nice to see cabbage plant which is under growing. By the way your wife seems co-operative to you and you are curious to the plants. I wish I could have a place like you for my gardening.

We try to have plants that are useful but difficult to buy in the supermarket.

Wow! That looks awesome! it's refreshing just looking at your garden.
Thanks for sharing 🤩

You've got some beautiful plants. I would probably be so happy to visit and check your garden. So much plants!🤗🤗🤗

Fantastic garden!😍 Bravo on the hard work this must've taken👏👏 Do you distill essential oils? Plants are the real deal. They give us life and cure us of diseases. I dream of doing this🤩 Blessings🙏🙏

Thanks. I have m not tried distilling essential oils yet.

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This is awesome, keep up the good work.

Lemon is beneficial for health. It contains vitamin-C. It's my favorite. Nice to see your garden. Have a nice day!

Your garden is beautiful. I am just a little bit jealous.

I love everything about your garden especially the basil....I'm envious😇

The garden is very beautiful and have a lot of vegetable .That will help you happy and satisfied.

it was nice to see the world of plants. Thanks for sharing.

Mhmm! Subsistence farming with much finesse!! Nature will be very grateful to you and your family for exploring it . Big ups!!