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RE: Grilled kale and peach salad with chickpea flour croutons and fig balsamic dressing

in Natural Medicine2 months ago

Hmm I see a lot of the Indian cuisine in this recipe . I love paneer cooked with spinach, a regular dish in our households.
Hmm the figs and the peaches have changed the recipe to a different kind of food from the one I know. I am sure the blend and the fine balance in taste comes through in the final product.


Thank you. Just to clarify, the "paneer" was made from besan and not actually paneer but I thought in the future I may substitute this for paneer because I only eat plantbased.😊

I understood, that besan croutons you made is what we call dokla here.

Oh so cool I will have to look into that. I am eager to explore different cuisine.

I thought you'd be interested, check it out.