Fennel Plants Are Very Nutritious For Health

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Fennel is one of nine medicinal plants that worked miracles in Anglo-Saxon. In Indonesia it has been cultivated and sometimes as a spice plant or medicinal plant. This plant can live from the lowlands to an altitude of 1,800 m above sea level, but will grow better in the highlands. It originates from Southern Europe and Asia, and because of its benefits, it is widely grown in Indonesia, India, Argentina, Europe and Japan.

Long-lived herb, 50 cm - 2 m high, growing in clumps. One family usually consists of 3 - 5 sticks. Bluish-green stems, grooved, ribbed, hollow, if the bruise smells good. The location of the leaves is alternating, double pinnate compound with narrow fins, needle shape, pointed tip and base, flat edge, white sheath, webbed shell with a hat-shaped top. The inflorescences are arranged as a compound umbrella flower with 6 - 40 peduncles, 5-10 cm long stem flower, 2- 5 mm peduncle length, yellow crown, coming out of the end of the stem. Fruit oval, ribbed, 6 - 10 mm long, 3 - 4 mm wide, still light green after dark brown slightly green or brown slightly yellow to brown. However, the color of the fruit varies depending on the country of origin. Ripe fruit has a distinctive aromatic smell, if you taste it relatively like camphor.

Fennel produces fennel oil, which is a dry, ripe, dry distilled basil of fennel fruit. There are two kinds of oils of fennel, sweet and bitter. Both, are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Fennel is also used for seasoning, or used as an ingredient that improves taste (corrigentia saporis) and scents medicinal ingredients. Usually fennel is used together with the pulosari bark. The leaves can be eaten as a vegetable. Propagate by seed or room with seedlings.

The benefits of this fennel can treat stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, little breast milk, diarrhea, jaundice, lack of appetite, coughing, shortness of breath, menstrual pain, menstruation that does not fall, goat rheumatism, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), dropping testicles (orchidoptosis), colic, intestine descending into the groin (inguinal hernia), gallstones, swelling of the sperm duct (epididymis), accumulation of fluid in the testicular sac (testicular hyodrocele), poisoning of medicinal plants or fungi, improving vision.

How to use the fennel fruit for the first time as much as 3 -9 g boiled then drink or finely ground fennel fruit, then brewed with boiling water to drink when warm. The leaves are eaten as vegetables or boiled and then drunk. External use, the dried fruit is finely ground and then used for local use in mouth sores, toothaches, earaches and wounds. Fennel oil can also be used to rub the body of a child who has a cold.

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