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Today is the day that my pass allows me to go out and I went out for a walk towards biggest public market here in Davao City.

From my condo unit in Bolton Extension, Bankerohan Public market is about 10 minutes walk along Magallanes street.

I was shock when I arrived at the usual place I go to. The place is closed and you have to make a turn far away from Magallanes street.

The entrance of the market is at the other side of Metro building. Surprisingly, I did not notice that people are queing up for entering the market where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables at a whole price.

Though the market is huge. This particular area is super cheap and can get almost all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits**.

Bankerohan Public Market is the biggest market in Davao City**.
Some areas for fish, meat and livestocks.
There are also areas for rice and bananas.
Bankerohan public market indeed is the place to go when you want super fresh stuff for cooking.
I hope you guys enjoy this video.
I thank you all in advance for watching my country Davao City Philippines..
My best.. @elvielins

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Hello everyone, have you seen the cute motorcycle? I just ask our security guards in our condo that is belong to our Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.. cool right? I do hope you have time to watch the video.