Heres the latest statitistics on my Jaka Vlogs facebook page | 103.4k people reached and 12.7k engagments | This is crazy!

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So Facebook just notified me about the weekly statistics of my page. I have reached 103.4k people and 12.7k engagements for this week. I had over 50+ posts published in the last month. This is quite a big improvement on my Facebook page.



From April 5 to May 2 I got 398.6k post reach, 52.8k engagements, and 942 new page likes! In just a month I got 942 new page likes. Hopefully when I can promote Hive on my facebook page Soon!


As of now, the most engaging post I had was posted April 9 which garnered 44.2k reach and 4k engagement in a single post.

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