Showcasing my Hive workstation | Turned off vs. Turned On

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I just want to showcase my gaming x workstation - This is where I work and at the same time i play games. This is what happens to my computer before and after it is turned on.

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If you also uploaded it to YouTube, placing a link in the description box of this video will add a thumbnail to your post on

@threespeak's thumbnail system is broken but this is kind of like a hack that makes it work.

You can also try adding a link to the thumbnail you used, and maybe that would work too.

Copy @emafe thanks for the info

Great! How much did you spend on this rig? I have long wanted one in order to play Xbox 360 and PS3 emulators, Tekken 7, and adult-modded Skyrim.

My GF and I spent almost 400$ already including the 2nd hand gaming chair

I mean w/o the gaming chair?