Back Again For Extra Size Ramen, For My First Love of Japanese Food

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Generalizing something is a bad thing. Likewise with generalizing tastes to a type of food.


I often say I'm not a fan of Japanese food. But as it turns out, there are some Japanese foods that I like. So, I admit, I'm wrong in generalized Japanese food.

I realize I don't like sushi, but that doesn't mean other Japanese foods like sushi I don't like. So I gave other Japanese food a chance besides Sushi to get acquainted with my taste buds.

Ramen with Certain Types of Noodles


I've also said that I don't like ramen. And as it turns out, I'm also generalizing ramen. Until one day, I found ramen with a certain type of noodle that I like! Then it broke my previous opinion of not liking ramen.

I am grateful to have found “Zenbu”, a restaurant that changed the way I view generalizations and about Japanese food that I didn't like before.

My Second Experience for EXTRA SIZE RAMEN


This is not the first time I have enjoyed extra-size ramen. A few months ago I tried the new menu, but it was spicier than the current one.

You can see my past post about extra spicy and size from Zenbu Restaurant, CLICK HERE.


Then yesterday I purposely went to the mall "SUN PLAZA", in Medan City to have lunch at Zenbu.

I admit I have fallen in love with Zenbu Restaurant's ramen. So it's hard for me to forget the taste and spiciness. It was like my first love for ramen.



I'm back at Zenbu again for Extra Size Ramen!

I invited a friend of mine so we could finish this extra portion of ramen.

How About The Taste?


As for the spiciness, the extra size ramen version that I ordered this time was not as good as the extra size ramen menu that I enjoyed the first time. But forgetting about the spicy taste, the soup from this version of the ramen is quite satisfying!

The taste of this second version of the ramen tasted like curry in my opinion. And I like it... much more!


We can add chili powder that has been provided at the restaurant if you want to increase the spicy taste!

Yesterday's lunch was quite satisfying! And I fell in love for the second time with this extra-size ramen.




I paid about USD6.85 / IDR 96,000 for an extra size portion of ramen.

Iced Green Mix

I have chosen Iced Green Mix to complete my lunch yesterday.


Green Mix ingredients are mustard greens, pineapple, and lemon. Really healthy and refreshing. This green mix is ​​a combination of fruit and vegetable juice that I like the most.


Don't Forget To Pose!

There is a lot of good space for taking pictures. I chose the corner near the exit area of ​​this restaurant.

I also share some of my poses in this restaurant with you guys.

I think my appetite has improved, so has my weight, lol. Be Happy!





How about you guys? What kind of Japanese food made you fall in love with Japanese food for the first time?

Thank you for watching my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


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I loveeee japanese foood and theres so much more I have yet to try but Ramen is always a good idea if you're really hungry on a cold weather.

Thats one huge bowl. I remember going to Hongkong and went to the food court, all of their bowls were like that and im so amazed of people able to finish it all by themselves. 🤣

I wonder too why Japan people can eat big portion like that 😂

In Indonesia, this bowl is suitable for up to 4 people 😀

I know. I wonder where they put all the food in their body 🤣

Japanese servings are not that large. The largest I had was a jumbo ramen in Niseko that was 25cm in diameter and 14cm deep. And that was unusually large!

That ramen doesn't look like anything I've ever eaten. It would be interesting to try it, although perhaps a small portion to start with 😅.

You can start with your friend to finish that menu 😊

The interior design of ramen restaurant is interesting and worthy to share. Thanks for good sharing, sis!

Yeah I love the design of the Restaurant. Colorful and has cheerful Vibes❤️

That bowl of Ramen really big sis 😃 but looks yummy 😜
I know why you're titled "superfoodie" 😍
Also, I'm fascinated by the decor of the restaurant :)

That Will make you full about a day more 😂

I love sushi and ramen too!

That's a big bowl of ramen btw 😋😋😋😋

Super big! 😋

That's a very big bowl for you, but why is the ramen only half full?

I enjoyed ramen with my friend. that's portion for up to 4 people

If the bowl is fullfil with ramen, then the price Will higher 😂

nothing is better than ramen, EXCEPT A GIANT BOWL OF RAMEN! 🤣

Don't forget to add extra spicy or just choose curry broth of you don't like spicy food 😂

That's not for one person anyway :)

gede banget piringnya. apa habis buat makan 1 orang kak?

Saya makan bersama teman. Jadi Alhamdulillah kami bisa menghabiskannya

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The other quintessential Japanese food you need to try is Donburi. It's a fantastic comfort food, a bowl of rice with all sorts of tasty fixings on top. Gyudon is served with beef, Katsudon with fried chicken, and you can even find Ebidon, a shrimp Donburi if you look hard enough!

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