Delightful Caesar Salad and Grateful Night

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Given beauty before our eyes, for us to rejoice. Remembering the past, then hugging the chest warmly, that the present is the best time. We breathe. The fragrance of delicacy came out of a plate tonight.
- Anggrek Lestari -

For the first time, I had the opportunity to taste Caesar Salad while I was staying at a five-star hotel, the Grand Cityhall Hotel, Medan City. I chose Caesar Salad for my midnight menu.

It was too beautiful a night for me to go to bed too soon. So I browsed through the hotel room-service book list and looked at the interesting menu there.



Travel is about exploring things we have never experienced before. So, I want to reward my tongue for a portion of food I have never tasted before.

A Desire's Journey Towards Caesar Salad


Well, before that night, I only saw Caesar Salad in Hollywood movies. I listened to how crunchy and fresh the vegetables tantalized my taste buds as a spectator. As a green vegetable lover, of course, I am very tempted by the visually green vegetables on the serving plate on the “Caesar Salad” menu. At that moment, in my heart, I made a wish list that one day I would eat “Caesar Salad” in a relaxing place!

Dreams Come True


Thank you, God! I can taste a menu that I think is very luxurious! In the past I could only taste and hear from the movie, now I can taste and listen to the vegetables directly from the plate in front of me!

I paid IDR68K / USD4.85. In my opinion, this is a standard price, even quite cheap for the size of food in a five-star hotel. And most importantly, it's worth it, for a taste worth being grateful for!

What A Beautiful Caesar Salad


To me, the vegetable is an alluring beauty. And the crunch of vegetables is like the sexy laughter of someone I love. And, the Caesar Salad is a scrumptious beauty.


The freshness of Romaine Lettuce is combined with garlic dressing that awakens the taste buds on the tongue. Grilled Chicken Breast and beef bacon with a splash of strong flavor to limit the boredom of vegetables. So they stay balanced on the plate.


It's just that on this plate the bread crumbs are not crispy enough. In the end, I added the bread crumbs myself to create an overall more pleasant texture.


It was a delightful experience of a plate of “Caesar Salad” that served me with the freshness of Romaine Lettuce which made my evening full of gratitude. For delicious food, beautiful nights, also times now with HIVE that leads me, you, US, to a better life. <3

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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


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That's a strange looking caesar salad! From what I tasted and from many places I've been to, usually it's covered with more of croutons, bits of grated cheese and chopped meat(often diced) bacon beef/pork/chicken and that's too expensive for one as well 😂 I would feel scammed. I recently stayed at 4 stars hotel and their food presentation doesn't look good but their taste was fine and I still feel scammed. I hope you can find an actual Mediterranean restaurant or Italian restaurant. You'd definitely notice the difference. In Yogyakarta you can check out Mediterranea Restaurant, they serve Mediterranean and French cuisine who is owned by a chef from France too. If In Bali, try el greko and jamie oliver kitchen at kuta.

 3 days ago (edited) 

I think they forgot to include croutons or just out of stock. I ordered almost midnight. lol. That's why I need to add crumbs from my own stocks from snacks 😂 to add crispy texture.

because from the picture on the menu there are croutons.

Food in Medan is quite expensive, like in Jakarta. Although the salary in Medan is not as big as in Jakarta.

Well, it was my first time trying Caesar Salad. I hope I'll find something even better when I travel to another city later.

Thanks for your recommendation

Hello dear friend @anggreklestari good afternoon
How beautiful the video, I love your edits and the music you have used. How good that you have finally tried this dish, it looks very delicious. Enjoy it a lot
I wish you a beautiful afternoon

Did you ever try salad like this? Maybe you have experience with growing lettuce in your garden? :)

Have a beautiful day :)

Yummy! Looks like a delicious bowl of healthy Caesar Salad. The green leafy vegetables and the other ingredients are simply mouthwatering. 😊 Can I have some @anggreklestari? I'm hungry already. 🤣

I need more green leafy from my garden. But unfortunately, I'm a bad person in the garden. lol

I hope I can stay at the hotel again, so I can order this menu again.

Sorry, I won't share my plate with you. :p

Oh yes, better stay at a beautiful hotel in another location soon to enjoy more meals of healthy vegetables. That's okay, I'll order my own recipe haha. 😁

😂 better for you to cook then

That's a brilliant idea. I'll do that then. Need to also start my own garden to harvest vegetables in the near future. 😂

 3 days ago (edited) 

Be a gardener or designer? lol

No worries. I can be both. lol 😆

🤣 fantastic talent! one more, writer on Hive :P

Just imagine how the combination of romaie lettuce, grilled chicken breast, and beef bacon with a dominant sauce of garlic flavor. You make my stomach hungry🤤

I'm craving again. I want to order again :)

culinary photos that make people hungry. I saw this post at 4 am and thankfully I have some sweet potato chips to eat.

For now you should keep snacks in your home :)

Hive blog will make you hungry easily

Looks like ice cream, but these vegetables seem delicious and full of vitamins

That's garlic sauce for salad dressing. My fav one :)


It's look so interesting. But, I don't like salad hahaha.

You didn't like a green leaf?

This food is one of my favorite menus

Really great salad, isn't it? :)

I tried to found fresh Romaine lettuce but, failed :D

yes, this greeting is Really great.

Lettuce is an important component of making a Caesar salad. So you have to use really fresh lettuce

Maybe @aswita can sending fresh lettuce for me 😂😂😂🚀🚀


Muy rico @anggreklestari

Good choice of salad

Absolutely 🌸❤️

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When a wish was fulfilled!
I can feel how delighted you are with the Caesar salad you eat and the beautiful night view. ❤️

I am grateful how hive is changing the life of us all here. ❤️🥰


Looks elegant , just had my dinner but feeling hungry again 😃

Be careful to watch food blog/vlog in the night lol. You will be hungry easily :)