Preparing Banana Buds - Awesome Exotic Foodie Vegan Superfood

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Banana flowers are exotic & gorgeous & an incredible superfood. Fabulous as an unusual foodie treat. But preparing them? Even many people living in tropical countries have NO IDEA. And there most definitely IS a knack!! After you know how, there is so much superfood tropical vegan yumminess coming your way.

Once you've prepared your banana flower, be prepared for a whole host of great taste explosions in your future.

Nutrition levels? Massive. As you would expect since, like seeds, the little baby bananas carry all the nutritional potential (not unlike a seed) in a concentrated form.

  • Keep infections at bay. Banana flower contains a particular ethanol which prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Support menstrual health. Cooked banana flowers can help deal with pain and reduce the menstrual bleeding. The flowers increase the progesterone hormone in the body.
  • Help control diabetes. According to the study published in the Journal of Food and Agriculture, banana flower extracts promoted glucose uptake, which in turn reduces blood sugar levels.
  • Boost mood and reduce anxiety. Banana flower contains magnesium, reduces anxiety and boosts the mood. They act as natural antidepressants.
  • Help prevent & treat cancer & heart disease. Banana flower contains phenolic acids, tannins, flavonoids and various other antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals, prevent oxidative damage, and reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.
  • Improve lactation. Banana flower, a galactagogues vegetable, increases the breast milk secretion for the lactating mothers. It also helps to support the uterus and reduces bleeding post-delivery.
  • Slow the aging process. Banana flower, rich in vitamin C and a potent source of antioxidants, they reduce stress on cells and slow down the aging process. Source

Never seen bananas growing in the wild?

Image by juemi from Pixabay

Image by Josch13 from Pixabay

Bananas growing around me in the Food Forest at our Organic Frontiers project in Mae Sariang, North Western Thailand.

Cook. Experiment. Enjoy. Share.

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That's a real mega flower! Nothing like preparing nasturtiums to eat. It's quite fascinating to see the little bananas waiting to grow.

Nice! I never ate banana flowers as a kid, but loved them when I became a "little older". I love them in coconut milk, sometimes simply boiled in with other veggies and fish.

Who says vegans don't kill things?

I am no vegan and my son says I am "cruel" when I say I'd eat those microgreen sprouts. He says, "How could you eat those little cuties?" LOL 😅

They're REALLY nice in a light-mild coconut milk curry (Thai style of course) and yes, a lot of people here in Thailand toss them into fish curries too.

It is glaringly obvious as you dismember the baby bananas for salad that vegans DO kill things, sometimes with very little awareness. Whatever we eat - vegan or not - it needs to come with consciousness & gratitude, right? And yes, microgreens are super cute.


Consciousness and gratitude. Very true.

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Welcome to #Hive @dalesilfver - I left a comment on your herring post! An #introduceyourself post is an important way to start - search on "introduceyourself" in to see how others did that, and what they shared. Thanks so much for including me among your first comments!! 😍


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This new and like wow to me, I have never seen or heard of banana flower cooked. It's nutritional value though will never make me say no to it.
Maybe one day I might refer to this video to give banana flower a try.

Thanks for sharing.

I look forward to your first banana flower cooking post @joetunex!! 😆


Hahahaha I will surely let you know!

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Many thanks 🙂

I am familiar with these banana buds, In my native country people still eat it and I don't know if anybody in Ukraine eats it or not. Never saw it in the market...Good to see you are making videos too :D :D

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Yes - right across Asia, banana buds are prepared for medicine and as a delicious meal. I'm guessing the Ukraine NOT - 🤣 expensive to ship. Maybe some Asian grocer shops in the bigger cities, during the rainy season here?? Maybe.

Making videos?? I'm not very good at it yet, but I think it speaks to a different audience group and that matters. Extending your reach and not boring your audience stupid month in, year out, with same-same content. Supporting #3speak is important for the platform and the harsh reality is that video is ranked FAR better on SEO than static images and traditional long form blogging.


And wow - as if bananas weren't cool enough!!!! Maybe whilst on lockdown again we can add 'build huge greenhouse for bananas' to list. Dare I say - cool bananas?

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You mean you don't have a huge tropical greenhouse yet?? 🤣😆 You still have a few months up your sleeve before you have to start re-writing all your curricula for online delivery - best get on it!! 😊 There ARE some varieties of banana which do well in the cooler mountains.


NO .. I'm begging Jamie to make me one but I think I'm pushing it haha...

Not only healthy, but DELISH if you know how!! :) So much natural goodness growing around us, especially in tropical countries. We are blessed!


Ya my mom used to cook this, I think they have a local name called Kolar Mocha something like that right bro?

Yes, many times I eat it by making vorta. :D

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My mom use this banana flowers to make delicious curry 😋... And I like it too much. But I never know the benefits for health before read your post. Thank you 😊

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Your mom sounds like a wise and caring woman!! And a good cook. Happy you were able to learn something more about the nutrition of it.


Thank you so much

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I never knew you could eat the flower. I have seen banana's growing in south America and Africa so knew that much. But it was fascinating seeing you peel back the layers and expose all those cute baby banana’s and so happy that they too are utilized. I hope to once again move to a community where we gather to cook and it is more of a ritual than a chore. Although I do enjoy to cook most days. xxx

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