Vegan nuggets

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Alot of people think Vegan food is nasty and tastes bad but that's just a rumor i can assure you that .

Today i have an amazing recipe thats easy and with this you can feed picky eating kids some veggies too 🥰

Vegan Nuggets:
For this you need

Ingredients :
• gram flour / besan or you can get frying batter too

• salt

• pepper

• veggies of your choice im using mshed potatoes

• some chili pepper flakes

• turmeric

• cilantro

• some roasted cumin powder


I mashed the potatoes into a paste and added the spices and herbs after it i added the gram flour in it it should be a thick paste

(Gram flour is rich in protein and instead of just potatoes you can use soy chunks or tofu too )

I fried the batter in an airfryer but you can fry it in oil too

Tip (if you want your deep fried food to soak less oil just add a pinch off salt to the hot oil this way things you cook in that oil soak less oil )

I hope you all like the recipe ❤️🥰


delicious !😍

Potatoe is naturally sweet so this should turn out good. It's nice knowing alot of recipes to make out of potatoes.